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This Year In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': A 2015 Retrospective of Rage

By The Pajiba Staff | Lists | January 3, 2016 |

By The Pajiba Staff | Lists | January 3, 2016 |

2016 may not be off to the best start, with a Northwestern militia overtaking a wildlife refuge, and a heartbreaking apology from a writer in pain. Still, let’s take a moment to give a strong middle-fingered goodbye to a whole bunch of crap we hated in 2015. This list is not comprehensive— because how could that even be possible?— and the mostly random spattering of an arbitrary unranked 40 is probably bottom-weighted towards the latter part of the year, because that’s just how brains work. So please do shout your additions into the void below.

1. Cosby, obviously. Let’s get the no-brainers out of the way.

2. To that end, f*ck Martin Shkreli

3. And Donald Trump.


5. This Jax Teller Jesus pose:
Which was actually the very end of 2014, but when it comes to Kurt Sutter hot messes, it all blends together into one Bastard Executioner Hamlet Jesus Motorcyle fever dream.

6. Max Landis, for spearheading that “Rey is a Mary Sue” bullcrap.

7. James Deen.

8. Phil/Tandy for always being the worst.

9. NBC. We’ll never forgive you for canceling Hannibal. Ever. (Even if they did keep it on the air two seasons longer than it made business/practical sense.)

10. Jurassic World. In retrospect, we know we shouldn’t have gotten our hopes up, but still, fuck that movie, those sexist archetypes the leads fell into, those damn high heels, and the unnecessary divorce subplot.

11. The people who got that kid arrested for the clock.

12. Adam Sandler

13. People whose beliefs are so fragile they’re threatened by a goddamn Starbucks cup.

14. The Duggars.


16. Roger Goodell. Long and hard fuck that fuck.

17. Daniel Holtzclaw, the police officer who was found guilty on eight counts of rape, but also every other cop/director/producer/employer/anyone at all who has abused their power and managed to avoid the public attention their awfulness deserves.

18. People who think “Black Lives Matter” means cops’ lives don’t. It’s not an either/or, for fuck’s sake.

19. The inventors of the word ‘Dadbod”

20. David O. Russell. For his bullshit treatment of Jennifer Lawrence and for Joy.

21. Fuck the entire movie The Gift.

22. The fact that the US spent $350 million on Halloween costumes for pets.

23. TV writers who think rape is a plot device.

24. CBS for suing Star Trek fans.

25. Anyone who doesn’t like Hamilton. We’ve heard they exist and they are the worst.

26. Jeff Wells for calling Amy Schumer fat, then deciding Trainwreck was funny enough he WOULD like to fuck her.

27. That white guy who settled Brooklyn.

28. Gamergate and MRA Meninist idiots who somehow still exist.

29. Minions.

30. Jon Stewart for leaving us.

31. Parks and Recreation for leaving us.

32. Stephen Colbert for leaving us. (Which he basically did, because is anyone actually watching The Late Show?)

33. You’re the Worst for making us feel SO MANY FEELINGS EVERY WEEK.

34. Fargo, for raising the bar of our television expectations so high that we will never be satisfied again.

35. Everyone who couldn’t wrap their heads around a female Ghostbuster or a black Human Torch.

36. That Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume, along with everyone who thinks it’s funny or even a good, noble gesture to refuse to stop misgendering her.

37. But also, for a lot of reasons, Caitlyn Jenner.

38. Every single shade of this crap:

39. Everyone involved in sending Steven Avery (and Brendan Dassey) to prison, both times.

40. Every network and studio who haven’t yet gotten Dean Strang and Jerry Buting their own spin-off reality show/buddy comedy/love story yet.

So long, 2015. Thanks a bunch.