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There Were a Lot of Weird Dance Parties on TV This Week

By Vivian Kane | Lists | February 4, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | February 4, 2015 |

It was a big week for weird dancing on television. And I’m not even talking about shows specifically devoted to weird dancing. No, it’s coming from everywhere.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia opened their last episode with a seemingly random “Psycho Killer” dance party.

Jess didn’t really do anything on New Girl this week, so they brought her in at the end for a super quirky dance solo/tea party.
jessdance-1.gifThumbnail image for jessdance-2.gif

Park and Recreation gave us some sweet, romantic dancing.
As well as some super drunk dancing.
A super drunk dance duo, even.

This was also, of course, the week we were introduced to the football phenomenon that is “Left Shark.”

And finally, Broad City had this hallucinatory craziness:

What is going on in television? Are we all just going stir crazy from too much winter, and this is our release? I’m not complaining. But if we’re able to submit requests, might I suggest a reprise of Line Dancing Coach? I feel like he needs to make a comeback. As long as we’re on the dancing theme.


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