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Pajiba Presents: Our Favorite GIFs of 2014

By Brian Byrd | Lists | December 16, 2014 |

By Brian Byrd | Lists | December 16, 2014 |

The GIF is, objectively, the greatest innovation in the history of human civilization. The Human Achievement Power Index™ is as follows:

1. GIF
2. Fire
3. Lean Pockets
782. Baby wipe warmers

Photos? They’re static, bro. They just sit there on a page, unmoving, like they’re hiding from a T-rex or were bored to death by an Outlander episode. GIFs are alive, dammit! They’re dynamic! They capture a memorable scene, or moment of intense human embarrassment or suffering, then perpetually repeat without you ever needing to press refresh. Like this:


Twenty fourteen provided an Amazon warehouse full of spectacular pop-culture GIFs. Check out our favorites below, then add yours in the comments because this is was the Internet was designed for.

If only the people who shot him in the 90s had similar aim:
50 cent.gif

Being drunk in public must be fun:
jennifer lawrence red carpet fail (1).gif

Cubs fans, take note: this is what happens when a bat connects with a round white object:
horrific beating.gif

Officials don’t deserve to touch Steve Smith’s balls:
steve smith.gif

Speaking of touching balls:

Tim Watley realizes his lifelong dream:
time atley.gif

The GIF that launched a thousand think pieces:

Both the worst and funniest sports play of 2014. A GUY PRETENDS TO DROP DEAD IN A REAL-LIFE FOOTBALL GAME PEOPLE:
fake punt.gif

FX always delivers outstanding marketing materials, but this Fargo promo is next level awesome:

Blue Ivy >>>>>>>>>>> any kid you know. Any adult, too, for that matter:

The best argument against the overconsumption of Captain Morgan ever: walken.gif

TK had this saved in his porn folder:

Hungry? Why wait? Eat your own face:
face eat.gif

He’s an outlaw who deposits coins into the posterior divide. He is the…:
ass crack.gif

Do not pass Go, do not pretend 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, sheeple:
pete carrol monocle.gif

dat ass.gif

Can you guess which Pajiba staff member suggested this entry?

For a hillbilly security system, this seems pretty damn effective:

Old people dancing:

Young people dancing:
dancing pharrell.gif

A baby tree dancing:
dancing groot.gif

Chris Messina dancing:
messina dance.gif

A guy who should have stopped dancing a few seconds earlier:
head splat.gif