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The Most Illuminating Answers in Fran Kranz's reddit AMA With Bonus Shirtless Picture!

By Jodi Smith | Lists | April 24, 2014 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | April 24, 2014 |

You might know Fran Kranz as Marty in The Cabin in the Woods or Topher Brink in Dollhouse. He’s promoting his new film Murder of a Cat and stopped by reddit to answer some questions about stuff and things.

Um… what’s the most ridiculous song on your personal playlist right now?

Cindy Lauper’s “All through the Night.” It comes on when I’m running and I just know I have another 3:52 left in me.

Hi Fran, Thanks for doing this AMA! My question is: What would happen if Topher were to meet FitzSimmons from Agents of SHIELD, and how do you think he would take to them?

Topher wouldn’t like FitzSimmons. Let’s be honest. He can do his job by himself, he doesn’t need some freaky counterpart. When Topher imprinted himself in Victor, that never lasted very long. He’s a one-man show. He would have no respect for FitzSimmons. And you can tell FitzSimmons that.

I really want to see you in Agents of Shield!! :) Make it happen, Joss Whedon!

It will happen. We’ve talked about it. Granted we were at a bar and it was very vague but we talked about it.

Hi Fran! On the commentary for Cabin in the Woods, Joss described you as being “ripped like the lord Jesus Christ”. I was just wondering what your workout routine was?

Nights with Joss.

fran kranz shirtless 2.png

What is the greatest advice ever given to you?

Oh boy, after I was fired from a job, Joss Whedon told me “things don’t happen for a reason. Shit happens, and you roll with the punches.” It was actually very inspiring and has been very helpful.

What’s your favorite sandwich?

This is deeply ironic, since I am eating a sandwich right now.
While this sandwich is good, from Soho Park in NYC, it’s not my favorite sandwich. This is the best question anyone’s ever asked me. There’s a place in Venice Beach called Zelda’s, or Zelda’s cafe, or just Zelda’s, I don’t know. They had a meatloaf sandwich that was so good that I asked them to make it permanent on their menu. Then I went off to film Cabin in the Woods for 5 months, and when I came back, they said they’d stopped selling it forever because no one bought it and it was a real loss for them. They handed me the sign from the cooler / display case and said “keep this.”
It was not a friendly or warm moment. I think they resented me for hurting their business. But I swear this was the best sandwich I ever had.

What happened to the telescope cup bong from cabin in the woods? I always wondered that.

Everyone asks this. Sadly, I don’t know. I don’t have it. I shot the scene where I’m smoking it the first day. And by the end of the shoot, I (believe it or not) had forgotten about it, I was so tired and concerned about other aspects of the movie. When I fought zombies with it, it was a rubber version of the real thing, it was not the real bong, so the actual real working bong had long since gone back to the props department. Sadly I forget the name of the props designer, but that genius is probably smoking out of it right now.

When will you be working with Whedon again? Also, was it real weed?

No. But it was something weird. I had to take pot smoking lessons. As if I needed to. But I would spend hours playing with different pipes and bongs and rolling joints and they would send me home with all the stuff. The hotel maid must have been terrified.


Which device from the Cabin in the Woods would you, Fran, have activated if you were in that situation? And which one do you think would Topher choose?

Considering we spent so much time in that basement set you’d think I’d remember more things in there. But I would definitely play with conch. I played with sea shells a lot as a kid at my grandmothers house. We could have had the Merman! I loved the creepy ball but Chris was holding that and he’s big so I defer to him. I think Topher would have taken the ball from Chris though because he’s cocky that way and then said “spherical rubix cube, sweet!” And then solved it. But then Fornicus would show up.

What were the biggest struggles you’ve encountered while attempting to make it as an actor?

I’m still struggling. I will always because I care and I’m insatiable. But I was very lucky to grow up in LA and go to High School with kid whose parents were in the industry and stuck their neck out for me. Producers etc. I want to do more theater and be seen as a dramatic actor also. Because of early comedic roles as slackers or stoners this is sometimes difficult and the theater community can be tough to break into if you did not come up through it.

Do you think that the legalization of marijuana will help with this stereotype? Do you regret any roles you have taken because of this stereotype?

I think a stoner is a stoner is a stoner. If characters that smoke pot become more legitimate that’s a different story but if they are portrayed as goofy or the fool of the film they will remain that way.
I don’t think I regret any choices. But sometimes you take what you can get.

I believe in equality. I have 2 questions: 1. What’s your advice to fans who are going through bullying? 2. What’s your opinion on gay marriage now that it’s been a topic talked about a lot especially this year?

Well it’s a little crazy to me gay marriage is a topic. I’m all for it and personal freedom and lifestyle. I’m a non judging party. As far as bullying I’m against that. Seriously though, I was bullied and I know the damage and pain it causes. I know there’s more serious accounts of it and stories out there and maybe now more than ever with social media, but I want young people to remember that life should be long and should be so much more important than the painful moments of your youth. It’s very hard but if you can see past the meanness and pettiness of your dumber peers you will be happy some day soon.