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The Exact Moment Our Admiration For These 5 Male Celebrities Transformed Into Shameful Lust

By Emily Cutler | Lists | June 2, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Lists | June 2, 2015 |

Remember this post? It was perfect. Because it perfectly exemplifies our complicated relationship with celebrities. We know them! They’re that guy in that thing, and we’ll know them only as that guy in that thing forever. Until that guy in that thing does something a little (or a lot) different. Guys like

Benedict Cumberbatch

Now I should make it clear: I do not mean to cast doubt on the desirability of any of the men on this list. I just mean to point out how it’s possible that the desirability can be one of those “how did I not see that before?!” kind of things. As is the case with Cumberbatch. Someone once described him as “an elegant frog.” I will never not be able to see it.


But then this happened.
Scarf gif.gif
Please don’t ask me to explain. It’s just super hot.

Martin Starr

Martin Starr is the guy that every nerdy high schooler hopes they grow up to be. Because by and large, guys who look like this at 18,

bill haverchuck.jpg

don’t end up looking like this at 28.

Martin Starr.jpg





Huh. It’s not just that Starr physically changed. He owns his nerdy- sexy. And it is magic.


Idris Elba

Idris Elba could never not be physically attractive. He’s just good looking. But there was something distinctly different between this guy

Stringer Bell.jpg

and this guy


Some might argue it was seeing Elba as a tortured, dedicated cop versus a drug dealer in business man’s clothes. Others might say it was the accent. Me? I wish I could say it was the slight graying around the temples that did it. But if I’m being honest, I’ll admit I changed my mind on Elba a little before Luther. What can I say? Talking econ will get me everytime.

Chris Pratt

We all just went through this together. So rather than waste your time with the before pics, I’ll just give you this

Pratt gif.gif

and a little bonus

Matthew McConaughey

Wooderson McConaughey might be my favorite entry on the list. Because of what it says about us a culture. The dude who constantly took off his shirt in bad romcoms?


We were mostly done with him. And let’s get real, this is a good looking dude.

Thumbnail image for matthew-mcconaughey-.jpg

But we were over it. He seemed hot but not substantial, and we had no time for that. Until he did this


and this


And we ate it up like so many meals MMC was not eating. You give us your pretty face, and will put you in another bad movie with Kate Hudson. You give us your emaciated, pretty face with some legitimate acting behind it?


I think you just won Hollywood.

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