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Ten Films Overly Judgmental People Will Cut You for Hating

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | July 28, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | July 28, 2010 |

I knew what I was getting into when I wrote the review for The Warriors this morning. If you write for a site for six years, and read as many thousands of comments as I have (Fun Fact: There have been 376,881 comments on this site since the Department of Homeland Security shut us down back in 2005), you get sort of a decent feel for the way the Pajiba readership will react. I knew that the review of The Warriors would piss off a certain segment of the readership (and that the other segment of the readership probably wouldn’t even read it), just like I know there are certain buttons you can push to incite comment riots around here.

Comment WAAAAAR.

It’s fun. People take many of their favorite movies seriously. And I applaud that. And sometimes, people take an opinion more than seriously — they take it personally. That’s OK, too.

But there are a certain number of movies that I’ve noticed where people don’t just take an opinion of it personally, there’s actually a certain amount of very real anger involved. (It was common when we had the Music section around, too). This is especially true of certain cult films and classics that aren’t necessarily universally revered. They have their very ardent supporters, and then there’s also a subset of people who loathe those films, that find them tedious or boring. And the ardent supporters often take that very personally, as in seething, profanity-fueled “Fuck you, how can you not love that film? What is wrong with you, you fucking moron? Are you goddamn brain damaged or something, you twatter? You should have your movie-watching privileges revoked.”

I see it in the comments section here. A lot. If you don’t like these particular movies, certain overly judgmental people might lose complete respect for you. Or at least intimate as much. They will call you out. They will tell you you’re wrong. And then threaten sexual acts on your mother. It’s not pretty. I’ll I’m saying is, it’s a good thing this is the Internet, because if this were an actual meeting space, opinions on some of these movies might provoke knife fights.

I welcome you to debate the merits of the following ten films (I note only four of them that I really like). I will count the profanities at the end of the day.

Who will be the first to criticize one or more of these films?

10. The Hours

9. The Warriors

8. The English Patient

7. New World

6. Atonement

5. No Country for Old Men

4. Breakfast at Tiffanys

3. There Will Be Blood

2. 2001: The Space Odyssey

1. Lost in Translation

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