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Six Game of Thrones Spinoff Shows That Should Be Put Into Production Right Now

By Cindy Davis | Lists | June 17, 2013 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | June 17, 2013 |

Now that “Game of Thrones” Season 3 has come to an end, what are we to do to wile away our time? How do we get through the long summers without our favorite characters? When shall we drink our leftover Game of Thrones beer? I’ll tell you when: while we’re sitting back in our air-jet cooled La-Z-Boy recliners (do they make those?), watching these six groovy spinoff shows.

1. “Get Seaworthy”


Join Westeros’ most promising lads on the adventure of a lifetime as they learn to navigate from bow to stern and bay to sea. Ser Davos Seaworth, Hand of the King and Admiral of the Narrow Sea teaches twelve strapping clueless young men how to tell their fore from aft and each week, tests their knowledge through practical exercises. In the end, only one candidate will remain, and deemed “Seaworthy.”

2. “Kitchen Nightmares with Ramsay Snow”


The Bastard of Bolton terrorizes cooks at the Dreadfort. Two teams, headed up by the finest (kidnapped) chefs battle it out to please Ramsay’s palate, even as Lord Snow taunts and torments them. Each week, the losing team suffers a flaying—or perhaps, the dreaded appendage removal. Who will be the last cook standing (and on how many toes?) in Ramsay’s Kitchen? Rated TV-MA: Language and Violence.

3. “The Amazing Race: Lannister vs. Stark”


This Very Special edition of “The Amazing Race” pits two teams—representing two of the world’s most powerful families—against each other, as they travel the continent and eliminate their enemies. Team Lannister: Jaime “The Kingslayer” Lannister and The Maid of Tarth herself, Brienne, take on Team Stark: Arya of Winterfell and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane. Twelve episodes follow the teams racing across kingdoms, facing new challenges and taking out those who have wronged them, or who stand in their way. Valar Morghulis.

4. “Varys!”


Lord Varys finally gives up his whispers for real talk; he’ll speak with your favorite Westerosi lords and ladies, queens and princesses—and they’ll tell all. Don’t worry, no secret is safe with him! Join Varys beginning July 1, when he speaks with his very first guest, the Queen of Thorns herself, Lady Olenna (Redwyne) Tyrell:


Lady Tyrell discusses why she encouraged her granddaughter’s upcoming wedding and just how she earned that prickly nickname. Don’t miss this exciting first episode of “Varys!” available only on the VRYS network.

5. “Meet the Small Council”

Join us every Sunday morning for this popular roundtable discussion covering the Seven Kingdom’s movers and shakers. Hand of the King? There’s no pushing around Tywin Lannister; he’s not afraid to have Maester Pycelle whip up his own special political brew. And what happens while the Lord Commander of the Kinsguard is away, stays that way. Pull up a chair and watch what happens, live.

6. ” Littlefinger…Big Heart”


The former Master of Coin spreads his wealth of knowledge and political maneuvering. They say he’s only out for himself, but Petyr Baelish proves he has heart—and a big one, at that. This new series from the producers of “The Baelorette” and “Get Seaworthy” secretly captures Littlefinger performing good deeds (filmed by a hidden camera). Get real reactions from real people like Sansa Stark…and others. “Littlefinger…Big Heart” airs Fridays this summer.

*A special thanks to Jay for his mad photoshop skilz (header image).

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) sometimes wonders about the size of Littlefinger’s other parts.