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G'Bye, "Scrubs"

By Seth Freilich | Lists | May 8, 2009 |

By Seth Freilich | Lists | May 8, 2009 |

“Scrubs” has been a phenomenal show over its eight seasons. Not always perfect in the later years, it was still ahead of its time in many ways, particularly in terms of its excellent use of music and its rich blend of comedy and drama. It was also, according to this Slate article, “the most accurate portrayal of the medical profession on TV.”

That last point goes to explain my love for the show. “Scrubs” premiered in the fall of ‘01, right as I was beginning my legal career as a lowely first-year associate, the BigLaw equivalent of being a first year medical intern. And I remember being struck by so many similarities that first year, between what I was going through and what JD, Elliot and Turk were going through. I’d watch an episode and realize I had been feeling the exact same thing (albeit in a less broad, more “real world” way). And because I bonded so closely with the show that first season, it’s always held a special place for me. So Wednesday night made me sad.

Yes, the show may be coming back for a ninth season (and I’m ok with that as long as they bring Eliza Coupe’s Denise/Jo back — it’s a question because Coupe is signed onto another pilot at the moment — because her “walk away dramatically” bit was the comedic highlight of last night’s episode). But it won’t be the same. If we come back next year to primarily focus on new interns, sure, it can still be funny (we hope). But for me, at least, there won’t be the same emotional bond I’ve had with the show, because that’s not where I am in my life anymore. So Wednesday night really felt like a chapter being closed, even if the show’s not done.

To honor the show, here’s a seriously quasi-random list of some of the funniest clips I could find in about ten minutes of browsing YouTube (although I I knew exactly what clips four through one would be).

10. There are tons of clips of Ted’s Band, but this one consistently kills me.

9. Yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of Turk dancing and singing in this list. Cause Turkleton rules.

8. I really loved Heather Graham’s guest run on the show as Molly — of all their great guest stars, she might be my favorite.

7. There have been tons of great musical moments over the years, and the musical episode was a real peach. This was, hands down, the best song from that episode. …Dookie.

6. I could have a whole list just full of Dr. Cox rants, right? This one, which was brought up in the finale, is a Season 1 gem.

5. Of Cox’s many, many rants, this one, which also got called back to on the finale, is arguably his best (and I absolutely love the look of pure dejection on JD’s face).

4. I have no words for this little piece of joy.

3. The song, the dance, the unadulterated joy they’re having. What’s not to love?

2. I love Turk’s rendition of the Sanford & Son theme song, but the real reason I’m including this is because of the second-half of the clip. Turk’s post-arm-wrestling-victory line is probably my favorite sitcom line of all time.

1. Was there any fucking question whatsoever? Of course not, ‘cause he’s so damn talented….

Yes, “Scrubs” was a comedy. But it could bring the drama, too, right? We’ll end with two scenes that still kill me (and no coincidence that both feature Cox, because John C. McGiunley is just a hell of an actor).

Yeah, that “Scrubs” was a good’un….