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Reddit Asks: What Crazy Ass Story Do You Need To Tell?

By Jodi Smith | Lists | January 30, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | January 30, 2019 |


This is the part where I usually relate a story from my life that speaks to the Reddit question being answered. As I am not well-versed in the whole “statute of limitations” for various things, I’m going to skip it.

Is it illegal to sit naked in the middle of a country road late at night while two of your male friends climb trees naked and the other sits with you?

Uh, let’s just get right into the users answering /u/40oz_2freedom’s question, shall we?

Some of these are NSFL and definitely NSFW.










I can relate to this story as I once worked in a printing facility that sometimes assisted clients in opening their return postage paid mailers. The amount of crazed old person handwriting telling me I needed Jesus was astounding, but the most insane was the person that sent back garbage.

This disturbed individual was so livid about receiving an offer in the mail to lower his energy costs that they filled a USPS bag with garbage, taped the postage paid envelope to the front of it, and had it delivered to us FOR FREE.

Of course, I opened the bag and found all sorts of crazy stuff inside. Because of science and boredom.


That one reminded me of another story. My cousin was driving on a stretch of road where construction forced cars to merge into one lane. A motorcyclist didn’t pay attention to my cousin’s brake lights and slammed full force into the bumper of her car. He flew over her vehicle and slammed onto the pavement in front of her. It was bonkers.



This one? You’re gonna need Forget-Me-Now afterward.


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