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Pam Poovey Twerks To 'Let It Go' And Krieger Smokes Mary Jane: The reddit AMA

By Jodi Smith | Lists | October 22, 2014 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | October 22, 2014 |

Amber Nash (Pam Poovey) and Lucky Yates (Krieger) are, of course, voice actors on the amazing Archer. They stopped by reddit for an AMA and discussed their regular gig and their work with Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta.

So, we makin’ cooch chili or what?

  • What is a talent that you have that goes unnoticed due to your voice acting careers?

    Lucky: My face acting.
    Amber: My butt acting. Case in point:

  • What is your favorite way to unwind? Favorite guilty pleasure movie?

    Amber: Vodka sodas at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club! And I love the 1985 classic Clue!
    Lucky: I’m an avid mary jane smoker. It takes ALL the stress away. Favorite movie is 1981’s Clash Of The Titans.

  • What should we look forward to most for the upcoming season of Archer?

    Amber: I’m super stoked that there is an episode where we go back to Poovey Farms for Pam’s sister Edie’s wedding, they hate each other and it’s hilarious and Edie is played by Allison Tolman from Fargo!
    Lucky: I would say you should look most forward to the return of Archer itself. Because all of it is awesome.


  • What were your initial reactions to the whole Archer Vice rewrite?

    Lucky: I thought (and still think) it was a brilliant turn. I wish we ran with it for at least another season.
    Amber: I loved it. I think it’s important to take risks to keep things fresh and that’s what we did. I thought it was super fun but I am glad we are going back to basics this season.

  • Amber Nash is doing an AMA, sploosh! But seriously what was your favorite episode to record?

    Amber: My favorite was the episode where Pam is humping a gyro. Because they weren’t getting the sounds they wanted out of me, so my boss, EP Matt Thompson just said follow me and I watch through the window of the booth as he humped around the studio and I provided the sound track and that is what they used. It really is the best job in the world.


  • How have both of your lives changed as archer has become more and more popular?

    Lucky: I get to do a lot of cool stuff like cons and award shows and I don’t have any debt.
    Amber: The great part about being a voice actor is that my life hasn’t changed all that much except in good ways like I have health insurance and my incidents of eating crackers for dinner have greatly diminished. I still get to live in Atlanta and do shows at Dad’s Garage every weekend!

  • Can you two talk about why everyone else should be cool like me, and donate money to Dad’s Garage so America’s Favorite Improv Troupe (TM) can defile an old church? I feel like the atheists will totally be on board with this.

    Amber: Well, Dad’s has been making the funny in Atlanta for 19 years now, started by a bunch of young punks. We make theatre accessible and fun, with buckets of beer and cheap tickets. It’s where a lot of the city’s best talent goes to incubate (and make dick jokes). There’s just nothing else like it here: improv, celebrity guests, original plays and musicals (about comic conventions and zombies and junk). We got kicked out of our home of 18 years due to neighborhood development, and have been crashing on another theatre’s couch for a year. We found a place we want to buy, and we hope people will help so that we can make fart jokes and weird puns forever. That’s the pitch, I guess.

  • Question- there’s no way you can let the extremists win by relinquishing the ISIS name, right?

    Amber: Well, Jon Benjamin had a great suggestion of calling it A.I.D.S. instead. The American Intelligence Defense System.
    Lucky: NO. Don’t let them win.

  • What is your favorite memory y’all have while working with the Archer cast and crew?

    Lucky: Probably wrestling with a drunk Aisha Tyler at the Emmys after-party in a fancy pants restaurant. This was like, a month and a half ago.
    Amber: I barfed on my borrowed dress that night!
    Amber: When I first met Chris Parnell I was so excited and it was my first event and we were getting ushered around and I was all confused and looked at Chris and said in panic “I don’t know what’s going on” and he looked at me and said “Don’t worry Amber, no one does” that has served me well ever since.


  • What are your favorite Halloween stories or costumes you’ve done?

    Lucky: There was one Halloween where I came up from my watery grave, got a hockey mask and really stuck it to those no good teenagers with their sex and their drinking and their fun. That was a pretty good time.

  • Amber, if Pam could fight any historical figure in time who would it be?


    Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.