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Meet the Defenders of the Worst Movies of All-Time

By Josh Kurp | Lists | August 17, 2012 |

By Josh Kurp | Lists | August 17, 2012 |

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of what’s, for my money, the worst movie of all-time: The Adventures in Pluto Nash. Y’know, that $100 million film that made $7 million at the box office, that currently has a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, that took over 15 years to make, that JENNIFER LOPEZ dropped out of. That’s the ultimate insult. Anyway, on Adventures’ birthday, I found myself looking at the movie’s fan-made Amazon reviews, which is evidently the only place in the world that has positive things to say about Pluto F*cking Nash. Here are 10 awful movies, including Pluto Nash, that everyone in the world hated, except for these wannabe-critics on Amazon.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash


Im a big fan of movies like star wars, titan ae, and spaceballs, and i place this right next to those on my shelf. “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” is about a nightclub owner (murphy) who refuses to sell the club and gets his name put on a hitlist for it. Full of action and laughs. (Via)

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever


I LOVED this movie. For all those who trashed it saying that it was shallow, Loud, lacking in dialogue, I beg to differ. And don’t listen to them. Go watch it…this is an action pack movie, what did you expect it to be, ballet dancing, classical music with Shakespear lines? The plot is good enough to keep you interested. (Via)

Batman and Robin


Batman and robin is a visually stylish and entertaining film. It is a special effects extravaganza with lots of humor and funny, witty lines and a nice intelligent storyline that is almost as fun as tim burton`s 1989 excellent blockbuster film BATMAN. It is a very enjoyable and impressive film with a solid cast, plot, story, characters, lots of fun and excitement and beautifull and romantic scenes.The action is never dull or boring. I liked the museum scene where batman and robin are fighting MR.Freeze and his henchmen, uma Thurman`s arabian music and dance sequence at the Wayne Diamond`s party scene, elle macpherson`s romantic scenes with george clooney and arnold schwarzenneger as mr.freeze and the awesome sound and music and the beautifull architecture and buildings of gotham city. I don`t know why people don`t like this movie ,it is a great film. Batman returns (1992) is awful, hideous and horrible and very boring. The Dark Knight, Batman Begins and Batman Forever are OK but not great. (Via)

Battlefield Earth


im not sure why so many people hated this movie, but i loved it. im no good at reviewing movies, so im not even going to try. i just think it was great and john travolta is awesome. (Via)

From Justin to Kelly


It is your average teen movie but on the beach. It is also just like Grease but on the beach. It starts off with Kelly not wanting to go to Miami. So her 2 friends convince her to go. Of course! And the movie goes on from there. Kelly meet’s Justin they go through alot while on Spring Break. And I mean alot. Mostly having to do with there friends. There friends also go through alot. But have alot of parties. Not bad partys like geeting drunk or something like that. Nice and clean Parties. Well there is one little bad partie. A whipped bikini contest. But you barley see the girls in whipped cream. so this is more for kids that are from ages 9-13. And maybe some adults may like this. KELLY IS MY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!! (Via)



When Gigli came out everyone said that this is the worst movie ever. Thus, I had to see it for myself. When I came out of the movie theater after watching Gigli, I thought to myself “God those critics are morons!” Gigli was wonderful. It was original and entertaining. I titled my review for this movie “Expectations Ruin Everything” because I believe that this movie would have been a hit if audiences hadn’t expected Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to get together in the end. I think that when critics went to see this movie they thought it would be a standard romantic comedy. However, when they ended up seeing an original, funny, unromantic, kind of sassy movie, their expectations were not met, therefore they were not satisfyed. (Via)

Highlander II: The Quickening


This is simply the most satisfying sequel I have ever seen. It is a rare movie that can surpass the original, but Highlander 2 does just that. Don’t take my word for it: the fans and critics alike have shared a rare bond over the striking class and beauty of this visual masterpiece. Yes, it’s a science fiction masterpiece that puts Bladerunner to shame with the versatility of it’s special effects and leaves nothing out in terms of blowing me away with it’s amazing plot. (Via)

The Hottie & the Nottie


I thought this movie was very sweet. I hadn’t seen a movie like it before, it was refreshing to watch an unfamiliar plot unfold. I loved the fact that June was given a chance to shine. It would be so hard to be constantly compared to your friend as the “nottie”. I think something we can learn from this movie is that you should make the most of who you are, don’t put yourself down. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? I know a lot of people hated this movie because of Paris Hilton. If you focus on the story, its far better than most movies today. I’d definitely recommend it, especially to teenage girls. Go on, its worth it. (Via)

Superbabies - Baby Geniuses 2


This wasn’t as good as the first, but still good. People over-exaggerate to the extreme with this. This film is about a group of toddlers who hear the legend about the Kahuna, a Peter Pan-like kid and his nemesis (Jon Voigt.) Voigt is creating something attached to tvs that control people’s minds and the group accidentally retrieve a disc of his for the tvs and are about to be ambushed when the Kahuna himself saves them. The Kahuna takes them under his wing to be super and nail his enemy once and for all. I’ll name a few things worse than this: Wall-E, Happy Feet, The Goods, From Justin to Kelly, Bloodsport 4, Daddy Day Camp, Future Wars, the A-Team, Battlefield Earth, Batman and Robin. (Via)



like the title says, this is the greatest movie ever made. It will give you hope in humanity. Buy it. (Via)