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Let's Pour One Out For the Sidekicks

By The Pajiba Staff | Lists | May 23, 2016 |

By The Pajiba Staff | Lists | May 23, 2016 |

(Spoilers for lots of old things, and for this week’s Game of Thrones.)

Hold the door.

They stood by their hero loyally, absolutely. And they paid a heavy price. Today, we pour one out for the sidekicks who died in service to their heroes.

Spoilers below for scads of movies and TV shows, including last night’s Game of Thrones.


Harry Potter’s Dobby the free elf, who valued socks and friends.


Serenity’s Wash, who loved Hawaiian shirts but not more than his warrior wife.


Futurama’s Seymour, who never gave up hope of Fry’s coming home.


Top Gun’s ultimate wingman Goose, who never lost that loving feeling.


Inside Out’s Bing Bong, who liked to play, made you yell “Hooray!” and was the best in every way.

Castaway’s Wiiiiiillllllllssssssoooooon!


The Neverending Story Artax, who took us all down in that Swamp of Sadness.


Hamilton’s son (look at his son!) Philip, who was gonna blow us all away.


Star Wars’ Han Solo, Chewie’s cocky sidekick and charismatic co-pilot.


Charlie, who sacrificed himself for the love of his Lost companions.

Groot, who loves his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy and to groove.


Game of Thrones Hodor, who dreamed of bacon and deserved better than Bran.

Did we miss a sidekick who deserved their due? Share below.