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In Celebration Of Helen Mirren: 20 Other “Older” Babes Who’ve Still Got It

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | August 31, 2011 |

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | August 31, 2011 |

The Debt hits theaters this weekend and stars the still sexy, 66-year-old Dame Helen Mirren. In honor of Mirren, who can still admirably rock a bikini, I thought it fitting to produce a list of twenty other hot actress babes who just happen to be “old” by Hollywood standards. Qualifications for inclusion include the following: (1) No obvious plastic surgeries and no Botox monsters allowed, which entirely rules out someone like Nicole Kidman or even Ellen Barkin; (2) Must possess a modicum of talent because, here at Pajiba, we like our eye candy to have other redeemable values other than, you know, being entirely shaggable; (3) Must be at least 40-years-old. Let’s get on with this show, shall we?

Julianne Moore (51): Because, basically, I’d have been shot for leaving her off this list


Heather Graham (41): She’s just as hot as when she was Rollergirl, and those wayward nipples don’t hurt either.


Mary-Louise Parker (47): She’s quite the definition of ageless beauty and could easily pass for being in her late twenties.


Salma Hayek (45): It’s that saucy Latina rack and come hither look that landed her a billionaire, not that she needed to do so.


Jeri Ryan (43): Admit it — she’s the only reason that you started tuning into “Star Trek: Voyager.”


Elizabeth Shue (47): She’ll babysit you anytime and kick your ass too in Piranha 3D.


Lucy Liu (42): She made last week’s list of Action Jolie candidates & she’ll cut your head off without a second thought if you insult her heritage.


Marisa Tomei (46): A few years ago, she played a stripper alongside Mickey Rourke’s rourked face in The Wrestler. Lifetime respect for this one.


Halle Berry (45): While she’s got a reputation for drama in her personal life, Berry’s still got one hell of a bod and an amazing smile.


Diane Lane (46): Seriously, how did Josh Brolin get so lucky as to land her?


Monica Bellucci (46): She’s the quintessential Italian beauty. And knockers.


Heather Locklear (49): While she’s nobody’s idea of a classically talented actress, Locklear has singlehandedly saved multiple nighttime dramas and comedies. Could you do that?


Famke Janssen (46): Those thighs could still make James Bond weep for his life.


Michelle Pfeiffer (53): While her beauty has inevitably faded ever so slightly, she’s resisted going the way of the knife.


Robin Wright (45): Okay, she looks a little bit rougher than she did as Princess Buttercup, but you would too after putting up with Sean Penn for nearly two decades.


Naomi Watts (42): She’s gorgeous, has great acting range, and hasn’t done the botox thing like her BFF, Kidman.


Juliette Binoche (47): She’s endured alongside the likes of Ralph Fiennes and Johnny Depp, and those cheekbones know no rival.


Sophie Marceau (44): Another former bond girl stands out from the crowd. Great pits too.


Lauren Graham (44): Two words: Bad Santa


Sandra Bullock (47): She’s truly America’s sweetheart and only gets better with age, and that’s not a cliché when it comes to Sandy.


Agent Bedhead lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She and her little black heart can be found at Celebitchy.