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If Hayden Paintyourwagon Can Become A Household Name, There's Hope For These New TV Blondes

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | September 26, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | September 26, 2012 |

Surviving the TV series gauntlet ain’t easy for any actress. Half the new shows will be cancelled before your local drug store has a chance to put up their Christmas decorations. Here’s a handful of comely yet sorta bland blonde faces from TV that haven’t yet become names. What’s the likelihood that they will? Not great.

6. Caroline “Two Broke Girls”: Even though this is an (inexplicably) well-liked and (bafflingly) well-rated show, I doubt Beth Behrs will ever be known as more than “that blonde one from the show Kat Dennings is too good for.”

5. June “Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23”: This, on the other hand, is a much better show, but what chance does Dreama Walker have of stepping out of the Dawson/Krysten Ritter shadow? Not much.

4. Gwen “The Mindy Project”: This chica right here may, in fact, become a household name, but I doubt it will be for this highly problematic Mindy Kaling sitcom. Anna Camp’s face will likely already look familiar to you from her film work (The Help, Pitch Perfect) or her strong comedic/dramatic TV work (“The Good Wife,” “True Blood”). Here she’s relegated to best friend which is sort of nice twist for the cute blonde to fill the role an actress like Kaling usually plays. Either way, “The Mindy Project” pilot was such a sh*tshow and Kaling’s character so unappealing that unless they pull a “New Girl” reversal, I doubt this one will last.

3. Goldie “The New Normal”: Ryan Murphy’s latest has been getting very mixed attention. Some praise its snark and clever, others think it perpetuates hackneyed stereotypes. Whatever your take, it’s the gay couple and Ellen Barkin’s Jane Lynch impression that pull the focus. Georgia King, though quite lovely, is unlikely to make her mark. Then again, I’ve yet to hear her speak in her native Scots. That may change everything.

2. Kate “Ben and Kate”: For a split second during last night’s premiere, I wondered if Dakota Johnson were Chrissy from “Growing Pains” all grown up. But I had forgotten that Chrissy has now joined the Whedon fold. No, Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Melanie Griffiths and Don Johnson. Where are your cries of nepotism now, “Girls” haters? Anyway, she’s cute as a button and the show is super fun. I’m not too keen on the Ben character, but I would follow Lucy Punch anywhere. So, it’s my favorite of the new shows so far and, as such, very likely to be cancelled. Sorry, Georgia. I hope you have some of your dad’s “Nash Bridges” money to fall back on.

1. Charlie “Revolution”: Here’s our likeliest candidate. Despite the hackneyed recycled “Lost” feeling, “Revolution” has been performing very well. Tracy Spiridakos has the Kate Austen meets Katniss Everdeen thing nailed. She’s even got Evangeline Lily’s signature pose on lockdown. So here’s to you, budget Scarlett Johansson, may your mildly ethnic last name be crassly misspelled by me for years to come.