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How To Talk About Feminism: 'The Force Awakens' Monopoly Game Edition

By Emily Cutler | Lists | January 6, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Lists | January 6, 2016 |

You guys know that we here at Pajiba love you, and that we want you to be your best selves possible. In that spirit, we sometimes like to help you out with real life problems you might face. Like how to talk to people about feminism. There’s an issue with the word itself, and with explaining to people exactly what “feminism” means. It can be rough. In light of Hasbro’s recent decision to not include Rey in its The Force Awakens edition of Monopoly and their subsequent reversal of that decision, we’ve decided to give you a quick primer on how to address these issues in conversation. Just follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts, and your next meeting/ party/ encounter with street harassment will be a total breeze.

Do Remember To Be Funny
Feminist killjoy.gif
If you do have to talk about feminism, BE FUNNY! Make it light and breezy and easy to listen to. No one wants to hear a buzzkill drone on with the facts and statistics.

Don’t Forget To Have All Of Your Facts And Statistics On Hand
But definitely have all of those facts and statistics at your fingertips. Because sure, you could point out the overwhelming disparities in pay and opportunities for women, the under-representation in movies and TV, and the near constant threat to our personal safety, but what about how my buddy got passed over for a promotion? Can you feminism that?

Don’t Get All Up In Arms About Something Small Like The Main Character Of The Biggest Movie In History Being Conspicuously Absent From The Merchandise
Move along.gif
There’s probably a perfectly good reason why Finn was included and Rey was left out. It’s just how the markets work. More men go to see the Star Wars movies than women, and absolutely nothing can change that.

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Are you kidding me.gif
After all, robes can be positioned in ways that boobs just can’t.

Do Understand That Just Posting Things On Social Media Won’t Fix Anything
Annie Argh gif.gif
If you do insist on talking about feminism, then fine or whatever. But don’t expect it to make a difference. These are mostly trivial little things that most people don’t care about, and hashtagging has never made a difference in these things anyway.

Don’t Celebrate When Hashtagging Does Make A Difference
I told you so.gif
Because we all know that nothing ever comes from “awareness raising” and “voicing our displeasure at sexist situations,” making any mention of it again will just look like gloating. It’s important that as we strive toward a more equitable society, we never, ever talk about the ways in which we’ve actually managed to make society more equitable.

Do Stay Polite
Above all else, remember to always stay civil, don’t be sarcastic or snarky, and make sure your goal is always to educate the poor soul who has somehow escaped ever learning anything about feminism and how it works. You’ll catch more flies with honey, and no one’s ever wanted to watch a woman who isn’t afraid to say “Fuck it.”
Furiosa gif.gif
Black Widow.gif

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