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How Do You Shiv a Ghost Shark? Five Sci-Fi Snippets to Cool Your Cockles

By Cindy Davis | Lists | July 17, 2013 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | July 17, 2013 |

Forget “Sharknado;” SyFy is already on to the next great white thing: “Ghost Shark.” Just when you thought it was safe to go…anywhere? They are going to milk this shark madness for all it’s worth and frankly, who can blame them? “Sharknado” was one of the funniest things I’ve seen this year (catch the encore tomorrow night); completely implausible, ridiculous, and so much better with beer and snacks. Seriously, do not skip the alcohol and snacks so you have something to spit every time a shark goes flying through the air.

5. Here’s SyFy’s “Ghost Shark” Trailer:

So, Ruthie from “7th Heaven” and a “Walking Dead” wimpy guy Merle shot take over where 90210’s Super Steve and Tara This-Is-the-Only-Job-I-Could-Get Reid left off, but how will they fight a shark they can’t see? Some fisherman “tortured and killed” the poor thing, so it’s out for revenge—not just blindly killing—and SyFy Executive VP of Programming promises there is a “logical reason” behind the toothy specter. Find out when “Ghost Shark” airs August 22nd.

4. All You Need Is Kill Has Been Retitled The Edge of Tomorrow.


Not only did Doug Liman’s Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt fronted alien war film get a new poster; it got a new name. I guess it’s more science fiction-ish (or soap opera-y), where AYNIK sounds more like a war movie? But the film is based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel about a soldier (Cruise) killed during combat with an alien race—only he’s caught in a time loop, so he “wakes up” and relives the fight over and over again, each time trying to learn and change something to keep himself alive. Why would Liman cut the association? Maybe he’ll explain at Comic Con. The Edge of Tomorrow also stars Bill Paxton, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Tony Way; it’s out June 6, 2014.

3. Check Out a New Still from Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity:


Sandra Bullock’s Dr. Ryan Stone has a cosy little float inside before she heads outside…where quite possibly the scariest thing imaginable is about to happen to her: she and the shuttle commander (George Clooney) become stranded in space after an accident destroys their shuttle. Having lost communication with anyone back on Earth and with limited oxygen, the two are simply adrift. Just typing that fills me with terror. If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, have a look:

Gravity will also hit Comic Con, and will be in theaters October 4th.

2. Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow, Mackenzie Foy and Timothee Chalamet Joined Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.




Timothee Chalamet .jpg

Nolan and his ever-expanding cast are set to explore physicist Kip Thorne’s theories about wormholes and gravity fields; presumably we’ll time travel with the stars until we’re thoroughly flummoxed, then fight about what it all meant. The important thing is, the man knows how to create films that leave people talking. Lithgow, Burstyn, Twilight’s Foy and “Homeland’s” Chalamet have all just signed to join Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Irwin and of course, Michael Caine on this journey (to be scored by Hans Zimmer)—maybe they can swing by and lend Sandra Bullock a hand? Interstellar is currently set for release November 7, 2014.

1. Neill Blomkamp Is Working on District 10; Here’s a New Elysium Featurette.

You’ve got to respect a director who believes in himself and has so many ideas, he can pass up working on the new Star Wars films. Blomkamp created the Elysium world and handed Matt Damon a “homemade graphic novel” to entice the actor. And though Elysium has yet to hit screens, Blomkamp is already working on a few other things. Mild Oats features a well-hung uncircumcised puppet with six nipples and a mullet; Chappie reunites the director with Sharlto Copley, who’ll act an android, only to be covered by CGI. With Chappie, Blomkamp asks, “If something is as smart as you, do you treat it differently if it isn’t a human?” And finally, though he doesn’t know exactly when he’ll get to film District 10, the director already has written (with Terri Tatchell) “an 18 page treatment.” Blomkamp is for me the most exciting science fiction director right now.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) eats science fiction news for breakfast.