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Grading the Post-Show Careers of the "Veronica Mars'" Cast

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | April 26, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | April 26, 2011 |

Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars).


Post-“VM” Highlights — “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Couples Retreat,” and “You Again.” She’s also scheduled to return to television next season in a Showtime series about a consulting firm.

Grade: B+. “Be Cool, Soda Pop.”

Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennell)


Post-“VM” highlights: Fennell has been in one episode of three different basic cables series, “In Plain Sight,” “Raising the Bar,” and “Southland.” He is set for a small part in a Robert Townsend film and C.L.A.S.S., what looks like a straight-to-DVD film with Tom Sizemore.

Grade: D-. “I suddenly feel like I’m in a scene from The Outsiders.”

Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls)


Post-“VM” highlights:A regular in the short-lived series, “Moonlight,” and episodes of “Lie to Me” and “CSI.” He also has a movie coming out this year with several other TV cast-offs, including Minka Kelly, Clarke Peters, Michael Hogan, and Masi Oka. It’s called Searching for Sonny. Look for it on Red Box.

Grade: D+. “Everybody Wang Chung tonight! Wang Chung or I’ll kick your ass!”

Francis Capra (Eli “Weevil” Navarro)


Post-“VM” highlights: Episodes in 11 television series, including “Castle,” “NCIS,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Heroes,” and “Friday Night Lights.” He’s got nothing on his plate for 2011.

Grade: D. “You know what I love, I love that I get a zero for talking.”

Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars)

enrico-colantoni-flashpoint.jpg .jpg

Post-“VM” Highlights: He played J. Edgar Hoover in “The Kennedys” mini-series. He’s a series regular in a television series I’ve never heard of called “Flashpoint,” (along with Amy Jo Johnson); he was in the television mini-series “Zone of Separation” (?), and he has supporting roles in three features, including a Steven Soderbergh thriller.

Grade: C+. “This is important, you remember this, I used to be cool.”

Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas)


Post-“VM” Highlights: A regular on two series, “Party Down,” and “Rockville CA” (?), as well as another “Friends with Benefits” that was picked up by NBC last May, but hasn’t been scheduled to air yet (and may never). He was also in the Friday the 13th remake, and has two movies of little note in production.

Grade: C+: “Dude! Am I drunk?”

Teddy Dunn (Duncan Kane)


Post-“VM” Highlights: He had a role in Jumper and did an episode of “CSI.” He was also fourth billed in a movie that opened at AfterHorrorfest 4.

Grade: F+. “Your secret illegitimate child gestating in the womb of your comatose ex-girlfriend affects neither you nor me.”

Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb)


Post-“VM” Highlights: A TV movie, a few movies no one has ever heard of, but hey! He’s been a regular on “The Young and the Restless” for two years.

Grade: D. “Hey, what do you say we do your Miranda Rights in harmony this time? I’ll take lead. You take tenor?”

Tina Majorino (Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie)


Post-“VM” Highlights: A regular in the short-lived TV series, “The Deep End,” a recurring character in “Big Love,” and she was recently in an episode of “Castle.”

Grade: C-. ” Love makes me lazy. It’s a dangerous drug. It kills more brain cells than crystal meth.”

Brandon Hillock (Deputy Sacks)

Post-“VM” Highlights: He is a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator at Disneyland. I shit you not. He was personally approved by Johnny Depp.

Grade: F.

Kyle Gallner (Beaver)


Post-“VM” Highlights: A healthy feature film career, mostly as teenagers in horror films like Kevin Smith”s Red State, The Haunting in Connecticut, Nightmare on Elm Street, and he’s scheduled to play “Wayne Gretzky” in Kevin Smith’s final film before retirement, Hit Somebody.

Grade: B-. “That was positively suck-tastic!”

Amanda Seyfried (Lilly Kane)


Post-“VM” Highlights: Several high-profile feature films, including Red Riding HoodDear John, Letters to Juliet, Jennifer’s Body, three upcoming feature films, and of course as a regular on “Big Love.”

Grade: A-. “High on life, Veronica Mars!”

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