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From Smoked Fish to Two-Stepping: 10 of the Best TV Dates

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | August 12, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | August 12, 2014 |

1. Louie and Liz hit up New York City on Louie
What made this date even better, besides all the running around the city at night, drinking, saving a homeless guy, gorging on smoked fish, and a meaningful rooftop chat, is how much Louie is out of his comfort zone (wearing that dress) and how much he enjoys it.

2. The not-date with Jim and Pam on The Office
Before Jim and Pam ever got together (which was the best part of their relationship), they had a perfect quasi-not-date: a late-night, candlelit rooftop dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches while watching fireworks, and swaying together to a shared iPod.

3. Ben and Jerry celebrate Ben and Leslie’s anniversary on Parks and Recreation
Ben planned out the perfect anniversary date for Leslie: dancing, cooking, massages, waffle buffet, horse-drawn carriage, dressing up like Romeo, Hillary Clinton impersonator, everything a date really needs. He even planned it for the day before their anniversary as a surprise, but alas, Leslie was too busy, so Jerry got to enjoy the perks of being Mrs. Ben Wyatt. Lucky.

4. Ted’s two-minute date with Stella on How I Met Your Mother
Since Stella was too busy to go out on a full-on date with Ted, he set up the perfect two-minute date, with food, drinks, movies, and chit chat, all within three storefronts.

5. Chris creates a personal drive-in for Lorelai on Gilmore Girls
While Christopher isn’t my favorite Gilmore guy, I have to admit that screening Funny Face against a barnwall in the middle of nowhere, complete with all the movie treats a Gilmore gal could ever want, is pretty, pretty perfect.

6. Rachel and Ross get it on under the fake stars on Friends
Dates outside aren’t always the best: it might rain or you can get bug bites in awkward places, but nothing beats gazing at the stars, which is why the planetarium is the next best thing.

7. Peralta and Santiago’s bet date on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Peralta tried to create the worst date ever for Santiago, including a shiny prom dress not seen since the 1980s, but it ended sweetly, with the two of them on a stakeout munching on nuts (that’s not a euphemism.)

8. Boyd and Ava dance away at the Bennetts on Justified
Boyd and Ava head to the Bennett party for some deal-makings and dancing. Look at ‘em go!

9. Olivia and Fitz make jam in Vermont on Scandal
Fitz whisked Olivia away (which means he made his security team put her on a jet without telling her where she was going) to a rustic, yet massive cabin in Vermont that he built for her for jam-makin’ (now THAT’S a euphemism).

10. Carrie and Berger spontaneously watch a movie on Sex and the City
Overthinking and over planning a date is so overrated, so a spontaneous date to the movies, without worrying about dressing up or anything is simple and enough.

The best date that Nadia Chaudhury has been on so far is a late-night burger at Minetta Tavern.