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Five Life Changing Things You Wanted For Christmas in 1995

By Joe Starr | Lists | December 10, 2015 |

By Joe Starr | Lists | December 10, 2015 |

Christmas is a time of joy and giving and also hoping and praying that come Christmas morning, there are some very specific game changers under the tree that will improve your life and make you a more important person once the holiday smoke clears.

Continuing our journey through Christmas Past, here’s five top selling gifts that changed your life forever in 1995.

95 vboy.jpg

Virtual Boy Game System Kit

Remember back when 3D virtual experiences were going to completely change the game? Me neither. Look at this sweet ass tennis game, though:

95 mario tennis.jpg

It’s like I’m-a-Mario, and I’m-in-da-game.

95 nerf.jpg

Max Force Razor Beast

In the 90’s, everything needed weird bright colors, spikes, and a general splash of TOTALLY EXTREME. And nothing says EXTREME more than foam darts shot out of a gun called a RAZOR BEAST. I feel like the kid that would shoot you with this thing would pound a Mountain Dew and yell SEGA! into the camera right after. Your nerf fencing sword is so five years ago.

95 barbie.jpg

Teacher Barbie

And you didn’t think I’d include anything for the ladies. You guys, Barbie is back and she’s here to TEACH. And before you say anything about her only teaching little white kids, there was also an edition that included a black child so that you and Barbie can reenact all of your favorite scenes from Dangerous Minds.

Susie Stretch


95 saved.jpg

Saved By The Bell: The New Class Game

Zack and Kelly join in on the fun!!!111!!! Holy shit this is depressing. I’d rather play the College Years game where the kids learn how long they’ll be paying off student loans. Standing at the end of tomorrowwww!

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