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Five Life Changing Things You Wanted For Christmas in 1990

By Joe Starr | Lists | December 3, 2015 |

By Joe Starr | Lists | December 3, 2015 |

Christmas is a time of joy and giving and also hoping and praying that come Christmas morning, there are some very specific game changers under the tree that will improve your life and make you a more important person once the holiday smoke clears.

Here are five best selling Christmas gifts that would change your life forever from 1990.

1990 lynx.jpg

Atari Lynx Portable Color Entertainment System

If you don’t have a Lynx, are you even a gamer? You guys, this thing put high powered LCD full color gaming in the PALM OF YOUR HAND. Suck it dad, no more road trip games for me. I’m playing with POWER. …Atari power.

1990 furby.jpg

I still don’t understand what this thing did or why people loved it but holy shit people loved it. It was basically the early 90’s Minions.

1990 new kids.jpg
New Kids On The Block Figures

Each of these came with an interview with that New Kid on cassette and these in no way helped preteens across the country learn about themselves, or their likes or dislikes. Puberty is weird.

Nerf Fencing

If you didn’t have two of these to pair with your NERF bow and arrow, why were you even alive?

NOTE: No kids could afford that and if they said that did, they were the same liar that claimed to own the GI Joe aircraft carrier. It’s just, you know, at my grandparents’ house. Yeah, I know you were full of shit, Curt.

1990 beetle.jpg
Beetlejuice Creepy Cruiser

This is totally where they got the Joker mobile from the Suicide Squad movie. Can not unsee.

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