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Everything You Must Know About 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

By Kristy Puchko | Lists | May 21, 2015 |

By Kristy Puchko | Lists | May 21, 2015 |

It’s hard to believe Mad Max: Fury Road opened less than a week ago as its already become an ingrained part of our culture, inspiring memes, cosplays and enough think pieces to make even the most jaded film fan cry.

Ever day I’ve been adding to my personal reading list with new Mad Max stories. From them, I’ve learned a great deal about one of the best action movies the world has ever known. And because I love you, I’m sharing the wealth:

The Doof Warrior’s flame-spitting guitar really did shoot fire. No VFX. Just metal realness. (Pajiba)

Every character, vehicle and steering wheel has a backstory. For instance, the Doof Warrior’s mask is made from the skin of his murdered mama’s face. (

Stunt woman Dayna Grant’s Twitter account is a kabillion times cooler than yours. (io9)

Furiosa is one of four 2015 heroines knocking the well-meaning white knight off his high horse. (Vanity Fair)

It’s feminist as fuck. (Pajiba)

No, but seriously. (Vanity Fair)

Still this guy’s penis did not fall off from watching it! (Chicago Tribune)

But it gave MRAs the sads. (The Mary Sue)

Mad Max: Fury Road does right by women and men. (/Film)

Casual Furiosa cosplay is officially a thing.

Ready to review #pitchperfect2 on @popcornprosecco

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A subversive feminist action blockbuster wasn’t the original plan. “Initially, there wasn’t a feminist agenda,” Director George Miller explained, adding that the drive of the film was its massive sprawling chase sequences. “The thing that people were chasing was to be not an object, but the five wives. I needed a warrior. But it couldn’t be a man taking five wives from another man. That’s an entirely different story. So everything grew out of that.” (The Mary Sue)

Miller asked his wife Margaret Sixel (who cut his Happy Feet, Babe: Pig In The City) to edit Mad Max: Fury Road, so “It won’t look like every other action movie.” Mission accomplished. (Vanity Fair)

The War Boys’ spraying chrome paint in their mouths was inspired by a Cambodian battle ritual. The act is meant to lift them higher (get them higher?) to help bring them to Valhalla. (

Nux looked like Tank Girl in early concept art.


Tom Hardy is sorry he ever doubted Miller. (Vanity Fair)


Despite having made kids movies, Miller is not much for comforting the little ankle-biters. Hardy shared what happened while his 7-year-old son was watching him shoot the scene where Max is dangling upside down from a speeding war machine:

“George said to him, ‘Don’t worry, your daddy’s being held upside down by a couple of wires, Louie. They can hold a grand piano.’” And he said, ‘But what if they snap?’ ‘Well, Louie, I suppose he’d go under the wheels.’ And that was that.” (Yahoo)

Miller should reboot all things, but especially Jem and the Holograms. (Pajiba)

A Tina Fey-produced sitcom about Furiosa would be our everything:

Kristy Puchko only answers to Imperator Furiuchko now.

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