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Down With CGI Costumes: 5 Real Ones That Did The Job Better

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | June 19, 2011 |

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | June 19, 2011 |

Okay, remember that post-Spinach Sunday toilet that Dustin so kindly left unflushed in regard to the Wondercon Green Lantern footage? A lot of you were quite upset by his obviously negative reaction, but a fairly equal amount of you agreed that the “green Avatar people” effect was indeed rather ridiculous looking and owed a lot to the heavy-handed CGI at work. I tend to agree with the latter sentiment, but what really bothers me is the Hal Jordan costume in this movie, and the fact that the filmmakers chose to do away with the classic white gloves is the least disturbing aspect of it.

Unlike most superhero movies these days (and those made in the past), which already make enough use of special effects and CGI, the Green Lantern costume worn by Ryan Reynolds is entirely computer generated as well; that is, Reynolds ran around onset in a grey bodysuit adorned with LED lights. He never even wore a costume, and the fabricated one that’s shown up in the trailers and Wondercon footage is pretty damn cartoonish. Of course, one can make the case that Hal Jordan’s costume (and that of his fellow Lanterns) is ring created and should very well look otherworldly. It’s supposed to be part of him instead of all costumey, right? Well then, why doesn’t that ridiculous mask wrinkle up when Hal furrows his brows in great concentration? Otherworldly or not, the costume just looks wonky to me.

So I’m taking a very brief moment of time to appreciate some of my favorite practically-made costumes from comic book adaptations. They might not be the ones that you like, but they did their job and did it well. Without CGI.

Christopher Reeve as Superman:


Brandon Lee as The Crow:


Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man:


Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man:


Chris Hemsworth as Thor:


And a little unexpected bonus number for you…

George Clooney as Batnipples/Batcrotch:

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