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Class Up Your Cult: Five Cult Classic Movies To Impress Your Friends With!

By Joe Starr | Lists | February 3, 2016 |

By Joe Starr | Lists | February 3, 2016 |

The party is dying down and it’s the perfect time to sit your remaining guests in front of a screen while you finish off some dranks. But what do you show them? The ‘after everything cooled off and there were just a few of us hanging out and it was clear no sexy group hand stuff was going to happen so we just watched a movie’ movie selection is important. It’s like the signature at the end of the document that is a night at your place. So what will you be signing? If you’re clueless as to what to watch instead of having sexy group hand stuff, we’re here to help.

Here’s five for the month to get you started.


I have no fucking clue how I ever saw this movie, but I’m glad that it happened. The post apocalyptic tale of a wandering Ronin defending the last vestiges of true rock music from the disgusting glam and metal that would eventual poison it has to be seen to be believed. It’s borderline ridiculous to me that the director’s only follow up was a Crow sequel.


You don’t have to be an anime fan to appreciate this masterpiece of pure insanity, existing somewhere between Speed Racer and Rick and Morty. Not to be confused with the motorcycle movie of the same name.


A simple story of kids playing war in the woods, and much like food in Neverland, when it comes to a kid’s imagination war is very, very real.


I still remember where I was and who to thank when I was first shown Donnie Darko. It doesn’t hold up as well now, but that was a movie that really wrecks young you. Be that person for someone else and make them wrap their head around this brain fuck of a paranormal sci fi movie.


An absolutely masterpiece. This is for your friends that have seen some Miyazaki but not much else in the world of Japanese animated features. The design and style of this movie is nothing short of breath taking. The story and the world are wild and the heroes Black and White are fantastic.