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By Cindy Davis | Lists | January 2, 2011 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | January 2, 2011 |

By request, the flip side of A Seriously Random List of the Best Bands with the Worst Singers. I found this one much more difficult to compile, so feel free to disagree or add your own.

5. Bjork/The Sugarcubes. Bjork is too fine a vocalist and too big a personality to be sharing the singing with anyone else. The Sugarcubes did have some decent songs, but our little swan queen is much better solo.

4. James Grant/Love and Money. I don’t even know if anyone else has even heard of this band, but it’s a terrible case of a good singer and bad music. Now maybe the musicians themselves aren’t actually the worst but the stuff they played was cheesy, corny and porny and I’m surprised it doesn’t play more elevators.

3. Kate Pierson/The B-52s. Yes, I’m ducking and yes, I can hear you screaming. Don’t get your feathers all fluffed. I like the B-52s quite a lot - they’ve had a multitude of danceable, catchy tunes. But Kate could have had a much better career without Fred and Cindy - I’d go so far as to say they held her back. Her voice outshines the band.

2. George Michael/Wham! Do I even need to say anything here? Wham! were fine for getting George’s career started and I’ll always love them. But George was better than that and he knew it. Sorry Andrew!

1. Peter Gabriel/Genesis. Okay, this is kind of a cheat, but clearly Gabriel is a better vocalist than Phil Collins. And I’m not saying Genesis was a bad band so much as the wrong band for Gabriel’s talent.

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