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'American Horror Story: Bug' and Other Suggestions for Ryan Murphy's Just Renewed Sixth Season

By Cindy Davis | Lists | November 10, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | November 10, 2015 |

FX announced today that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story anthology series has been renewed for a sixth season. The news should come as no surprise to fans watching AHS: Hotel, currently doing well in the ratings, thanks in no small part to the addition of Lady Gaga and a storyline running closer to true horror than the past two seasons. There’s no doubt Murphy’s brain harbors plenty of darkness, but just in case he’d like a little added inspiration, I’ve conjured up a few ideas provoked by the the showrunner’s latest muse. Presumably — hopefully — the glorious Lady G. will be back for more, because we’re enjoying everything about her bloodthirsty Countess.

American Horror Story: Bug


Something along the lines of Kafka’s Metamorphasis or Langelaan’s Fly would be fantastic, perhaps with Denis O’Hare and Gaga as hapless victims of some madwoman’s (Angela Bassett) experiments.

American Horror Story: Aliens


Though it was touched on in Asylum, AHS could go full alien abduction, with or without the government conspiracy side. I’d love to see Murphy’s take on other than the usual little green men; perhaps a superior genderfluid species?

American Horror Story: Creator


Bring back James Cromwell as an Igor-ish sidekick to Gaga’s laboratory of genius female scientists who aim to create life outside their bodies. Think of the allegory!

American Horror Story: Time Machine


You think Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is dark? The Lady’s already got her own “wearable technology” (You don’t know; they could be sonic sunglasses!); why not a time machine to transport her serial killer self through history. Like Jeb, Gaga would go after Hitler (fully grown version™), but maybe she falls in love?

American Horror Story: Slaughterhouse


Meat is murder, and the Lady is out to teach factory farmers the error of their ways. The cast are people! food!

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Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is alarmed at the bountiful bad ideas in her own brain.