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All the Things We Can Assume Are Inverse to a Trump Vote

By Vivian Kane | Lists | August 23, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | August 23, 2016 |

Earlier this summer, a study came up that links an affinity for Harry Potter books to an aversion to Donald Trump. This can’t possibly be surprising to many people, as lover of good things based in sweetness and emotion is generally equivalent to hater of awfulness.

Still, the study (which I’m choosing to believe is accurate because its findings support a thing I already believe and that’s how studies work), thought it necessary to provide explanations for its findings, even though most of us would be content with HP = good, Trump = bad. Science!

According to the study, a love of one likely precludes a tolerance of the other because fans of Harry Potter books are passionate about:

(1) valuing tolerance and respecting difference

(2) opposing violence and punitiveness

(3) opposing authoritarianism

This all seems like basic logic, but here are a few other non-confirmed or examined studies that I would imagine give the same results. If you’re voting for Trump, here are some things I have a hard time imagining you could possibly like:

—Other YA books


—Books in general






(Just try to look into their eyes and not recognize pure lovable evil, as opposed to unlovable evil. They are the barometer of tolerable evil.)

—Paul Rudd

—The world in general and all good things therein

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all (according to that study), respond equally to the Harry Potter/Trump dichotomy. As, I assume, is true for pretty much all good things. You don’t have to be liberal to appreciate Paul Rudd’s hip gyrations. And you don’t have to be anything but a thinking human to recognize Trump as the opposite of that joy.

This post has been brought to you by very accurate science.

Via The Mary Sue.