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A Mother's Day Ode to Linda Belcher

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | May 10, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | May 10, 2014 |

Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers is the best mom on television right now. With Mother’s Day just around the corner (don’t forget to call your mom!), I figured it was time to write a loving tribute to Linda because she’s THE GREATEST.


Linda’s the incredibly sassy, hella corny mom that cracks herself up without being self-conscious, like when she said she was going to sleep like a horny baby before she and Bob attempt to have a sexy night in. She’s either, depending on the situation, no-nonsense, or all nonsense, or as she’d say, mom-sense.


I wish Linda was in my life to help guide me to womanhood, like when she teaches Tina how to shave. Linda wholeheartedly embraces her kids’ awkward weirdness, from Louise’s bunny ears, Tina’s friend fiction, and Gene’s farting keyboard. She loves them all equally in different way.


Linda’s also extremely supportive. She’s always there for her family, from teaching her children’s synchronized swimming class, attending Tina’s karate concert, coaching Gene’s tablescaping contest, and hosting a slumber party for Louise. She even goes as far as doing their homework for them, like reading Louise’s books for reports and writing out her dreams for Tina’s dream journal, which, really, would’ve been required a whole lotta therapy if if Tina passed off Linda’s dream about breastfeeding a breaded Gene.


Linda has great one-liners both wise and funny, like when she called Louise’s pool poop her “little granddoody.” She’s honest with the kids, never sugarcoating anything. She’ll employ out of the box parenting techniques, like letting Louise run away to her sister’s to avoid the dentist and betting that she can’t do it, just so Dr. Yap could fill her cavity. Or when she told Tina to share new freaky friend fiction to the school without thinking of the sexy zombie consequences.


Linda is still a competitive kid at heart, from wanting to be a cheerleader (mom) with Gene, hosting the perfect B&B for her ungrateful guests, cooking the best meatballs for Tina’s conflict resolution dinner, and, of course, kicking ass as the Ta-Tas at her high school reunion.

And, of course, there is her singing, the wonderful off-key, weirdly worded singing. Throw in her dancing, and you have a winning combination of the best mom ever.



Nadia Chaudhury wishes she could play laser tag with Linda and Louise.

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