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9 'For Her' Products To Remind Women That No One Knows What the Hell to Do With Us

By Vivian Kane | Lists | March 8, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | March 8, 2016 |

There are tons of products for which it makes sense to market directly and specifically to women. Certain vitamins, GoldieBlox toys, even this weird thing that allows women to pee standing up.
When these are marketed as being “for women,” it makes sense. But then there are the products that are not for women. They are for humans. So why the hell do the companies behind them feel the need to take a regular human thing, make it pink, and say it’s specifically for womanfolk. Usually while simultaneously selling the exact same product in a non-pink package for men, or more often, ungendered. Because neutral = men and pink = women.

Happy International Women’s Day. Here’s a reminder that no one knows what the hell to do with us.

Bic Pens

We've been sent a box of ‘BIC for her’ pens designed especially for women to celebrate International Women's Day. Revolutionary

Posted by innocent on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

These Earplugs
Are they smaller? Stronger (to block out all that heteronormative boy snoring, obviously)? Nope! But they’re PINK, so you can rest assured that you’re STILL PRETTY.

The Lady Hammer
This hammer comes with a “full size round face for accurate striking,” which is funny because I want to accurately strike the full round face of whoever thought I needed a pink fucking hammer to do so.

These Bullshit Laxatives
Why is it that the pink-packaged women’s laxative— which, by the way, IS THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT, WITH THE SAME MILLIGRAM DOSAGE— is for “sensitive stomachs?” As far as I can tell, the only difference is that the women’s version comes with 10% fewer capsules in the package.

I hate to speak ill of my beloved Trader Joe’s, so thank you, grocery chain, for teaching me that women like ginger cookies and white chocolate, while men clearly need to consume dark chocolate and toffee stuff. Also, thank you for helping me with my lady-necessary portion control, and making the cowgirl snack the same price, but an ounce less.

More Snacks
Okay, but why?

It’s tape. Fucking tape.

This is slightly outside the subject here, because I don’t think these ads were JUST for women. However, it’s a clear indication of how marketing teams don’t know how to advertise to women. Because this scene looks less like an ad for a murder-based show, and more like a VERY EFFECTIVE AND TERRIFYING feminine hygiene campaign.

This sexy bra…

That transforms into dual face masks.

It also has a built-in color-changing radiation sensor because NO BREASTS ARE SAFE IN THIS POST-9/11 WORLD. I honestly can’t tell if this product is the best thing ever invented or the absolute most ridiculous.

Header pic via Facebook.

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