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8 Television Characters Who Are a Total Halloween Bummer

By Vivian Kane | Lists | October 31, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | October 31, 2016 |



Andy-Andy from Cheers


You know who’s not super fun to have around on Halloween? A murderous stalker. Sorry, Diane.

That time Shauna Malwae-Tweep was on The League


We get it, you celebrate Samhain. THAT’S TOTALLY COOL. But maybe don’t accept a trick-or-treating offer just so you can talk about how offensive that is to you.

Jim Halpert


Three hole punch Jim? “Dave”? At least Pam eventually gets him to give a crap about one of her favorite holidays.

The 30 Rock Writers’ Room

They’re bumming everybody out.

Marge Simpson


Look, this isn’t Marge’s fault. You think she wants to come on stage at the beginning of those first Halloween episodes and be a wet blanket? Of course not. But she’s totally right. Those episodes were freaking SCARY as a kid. She was just looking out for us.

Ethan Rayne


Sure, he gave us one of Buffy’s best episodes (and gave everyone lasting powers and abilities they’d use for years to come), but he also seriously ruined the gang’s Halloween.

Any number of hot high school ghosts

When a show set in a high school needs a Halloween episode script, you make a decent wager on Hot Ghost showing up. He (usually a he) is usually a drag. Remember My So-Called Life’s greaser ghost Nicky Driscoll? He was just a post-living Catalano, forever leaning and sighing. YOU CAN DO BETTER, ANGELA.

Special mention, then for Angela’s little sister, basically the only character (besides Ricky, who dressed as Brian Krakow) on that show to nail the spirit of Halloween:


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