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8 Female Marvel Characters Who Could Easily Carry Their Own Movies

By Vivian Kane | Lists | August 4, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | August 4, 2014 |

Last week Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced he’s really into the idea of a female-led movie, he just doesn’t know when they’d fit one in to their schedule, which has releases pretty much booked through 2019. There was quite a bit of criticism thrown at Fiege for paying pretty weak lip service to an entire gender of Marvel fans. That criticism, in return, brought out the internet shouters in droves, with claims of “Why should they hastily throw a movie together just to pander to womens?” and “Womens are boring and no one would want to see a movie about one.” To both of those points, I call bullsh*t. No one is asking for a slipshod half-baked mess of a movie. We’d just like our turn to play without having to wait for all the boys to get off the playground first. In 2019.

And as for finding the right subject, that part shouldn’t be so hard. Here are a few women who could easily carry their own badass movie, in no particular order. (Take your pick, Feige.)

1. Black Widow
Let’s get this one out of the way first, as it’s the obvious choice at the moment. The main arguments against making a Black Widow movie seem to be shouty statements along the lines of “but she doesn’t have super powers” and “she’s boring.” Well f*ck that sh*t. You know who else doesn’t have superpowers and has a cool, terse, often emotionless outward persona? Jason Bourne. Also a guy named James Freaking Bond if you need a second example. And they’re pretty popular. It could be a prequel (Budapest?) or a solo mission, but a Black Widow movie seems like a strong way to go.

2. Jessica Jones
What really sets Marvel apart from the ever-serious DC-dominated comic movie landscape of days past is their humor. All of the recent Marvel movies have a wit and a levity to them that is one of the main reasons for their popularity. A major problem with female characters is… they’re just not usually that funny. And this makes sense. When most of these characters were written a bajillion years ago there was no need for them to be anything more than a glorified boner-maker for the hero and/or the young male readership.

But not Jessica Jones. Witty, sexy, crass, and dark, a super hero-turned private eye, she’s basically the Veronica Mars of comics, with plenty of opportunity for character cross-over. And actually, there is a Jessica Jones/Alias series planned for Netflix, set to start production right after they release their Daredevil series.

3. Mystique
Look, a full movie devoted to Mystique couldn’t be nearly as bad as the last few Wolverine solo turds. And if Marvel is worried about getting butts in seats, Jennifer Lawrence is not exactly a risky entity.

4. Molly Hayes
It’s been pretty well proven that teen and preteen girls will flock in full gaggles to seen a story about girls kicking a wide variety of asses. Runaways, about a group of children who suddenly learn that not only are they the children of villains, but they all have super powers of their own, was a crazy huge money-making success when it was released. Created by Brian K. Vaughn and handed over (for a while) to Joss Whedon, Wizard called it “one of the best original concepts from Marvel in thirty years.” There are a number of female characters in the books, but Molly, the youngest, often serves as the comedic relief, and a movie from her point of view would kick so much YA butt.

5. Gamora
Gamora was a fantastic part of Guardians of the Galaxy, though there are lack-of-humor issues to consider. Still, tell me you wouldn’t want to spend 90 minutes watching a green body-painted Zoe Saldana thoroughly kick the ass of everyone she meets. I don’t believe you.

6. Jean Grey
What are the chances we can finally get the Dark Phoenix Saga movie we all want, done as well as it deserves?

7. Ms. Marvel (AKA Captain Marvel)
Carol Danvers is a blonde bombshell pilot with some Kree genes freak-accident-spliced in. Oh, and she also has a standing invitation to join the Avengers whenever she damn well feels like it.

8. Misty Knight (and her Heroes for Hire)
Originally an ex-cop with major martial arts skills (oh, hello 1970s), she founded Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage (who’s married to Jessica Jones - crossover potential!). For-profit superheroing, mind control, sexy times with the Iron Fist? I’d watch that movie.

Vivian Kane would really like a Kitty Pryde movie, but she understands that ‘Days of Future Past’ ship has sailed.

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