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Going Out With A Whisper: 5 Shows Canceled In 2015 That You Forgot Existed

By Emily Cutler | Lists | December 14, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Lists | December 14, 2015 |

Are we still in the Golden Age of Television? Or can we all safely state that we’ve maybe slipped into the Gilded Age? We’ve got a lot of great TV right now. Like a seriously surprising amount of really good TV. To the point that, baring Herculean efforts, no one person could watch all of the good TV. Which means sometimes perfectly serviceable shows get overlooked, forgotten and ultimately canceled. These are those shows for 2015. Canceled Shows, we hardly knew ye. Because we we’re too busy watching The Leftovers.

1.) Extant
Hallie Berry has a space baby with hear dead ex. Or something. Jeffery Dean Morgan is there so there’s that.

2.) Hindsight
Hindsight canceled.jpg
Damnit, this one I’m actually a little bummed about. Sure, it wasn’t a great show. But between the time traveling, the female wish fulfillment and the hardcore 90’s nostalgia, it was fun. And now we’ll never know if it’s safe to ride in elevators.

3.) The Whispers
The Whispers.jpg
I was surprised that given the cast and the internet buzz, The Whispers was canceled after just one season. Sure the season finale wasn’t great, and after the central mystery was revealed, the cracks really started to show in the writing. But the source material, Matt Dillon and Terrence Howard should have been enough to get a second season. Wait, what’s that? I’m thinking of Wayward Pines?
Wayward pines.jpg
What the hell is The Whispers then?

4.) The Brink
The Brink.jpg
Man, I really wanted to like The Brink. Like I really wanted to like it. And I didn’t. Although that wasn’t from a lack of trying on the show’s part. They assembled a hell of a cast, and they tried their little hearts out. But the dialogue wasn’t as quick or as cutting as it needed to be, and the story itself wasn’t entertaining enough to keep me intrigued. Sorry, The Brink, we can’t all be Veep.

5.) The Soup
The soup 1.jpg
The Soup 2.png
I mean, what the actual fuck? Did someone think we needed even less Joel McHale on our TVs?
The Soup 3.png
Do we at least have time to set up a collection for the now unemployed McHale?
the soup 4.gif
Fair enough, Joel. But we’ll always love you.

Bonus: Melissa McCarthy’s Mike & Molly was quietly cancelled yesterday. Yes, it was still on. Yes, Melissa McCarthy was still on it. And yes, it ran for six seasons.

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