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5 Actors We Desperately Need to Switch Things Up

By Cindy Davis | Lists | March 12, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | March 12, 2015 |

This week, either I read Liam Neeson’s mind, or vice versa. Whichever way it happened, he’s decided that in two years, he’ll stop doing the action thing. Insert your combination happy/sad clapping here, because while his Taken shtick has certainly gotten old, we like Liam in that sort of role. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? Movies can be a success or failure not just because of story, but because an actor is or isn’t suited to a particular part. But there’s also a few people who get stuck in a rut, and never seem to pull out of — you can’t even call it typecasting, so much as a personal choice — that thing they do. Hey, it’s not us, it’s YOU…and it’s high time to switch things up.

1. Lena Dunham: Play Someone Other Than Yourself


Suggestion: Yeah, just that. As someone mentioned in the comments this week, Dunham is the same in Tiny Furniture as she is on Girls (and comes across in interviews). We need to see something different; something likable — and yes, that is possible. Just ask Claire Danes.

2. Sharlto Copley: Break Away from Neill Blomkamp


Suggestion: Don’t get us wrong; we love Blomkamp and we love you — but nobody needs another Burton/Depp situation. We hear you want in on his Aliens sequel, and while there’s no doubt you’d fit nicely into another of his science fiction slots, it’s time to break away.
(Powers is a start, but since most of us can’t watch that [Playstation only], we’d love to see you spread your wings elsewhere as well.)

3. Adam Sandler: Screw the Goofball Comedies


Suggestion: Plenty of people may have written you off as being a talentless hack, but anyone who saw Punch Drunk Love knows you have a seriously great *something* going under that silly surface. Pull a Jim Carrey and get yourself another excellent director to bring out your serious side.

4. Jennifer Aniston: Stop Trying So Hard to Get Us to Take You Seriously


Suggestion: Go wild! Play a superheroine or a maniacal serial killer. We know you want to be taken seriously as an actress, and you’d love an Oscar, but we just want to see you lighten up. (Though, not with another forgettable Rachelesque comedy.)

5. Liam Neeson: Back Away from the Action Hero Thing


Suggestion: Pop in on Peaky Blinders, or Game of Thrones. Make use of your brilliant comedic abilities. Become Captain of your own starship; hey, wait a minute — why don’t you pilot Ripley’s next trip?

And hey; It looks like Liam has already begun practicing for his next role: Library storytime reader and psychoanalyst.