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2014's Most Kickass TV Power Couples

By Vivian Kane | Lists | December 18, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | December 18, 2014 |

TV is full of unstable characters. We’ve got our will they/won’t they’s, our on again/off agains, and way too many love triangles. So let’s hear it for those couples who know what they’ve got and are comfortable in it. These are not the Sam and Dianes. They are the Coach and Coach’s Wifes.

Ben and Leslie, Parks and Recreation
They’re a solid team, and they can weather whatever comes their way, from jobs abroad to sudden multi-year time jumps.

Rainbow and Dre, Black-ish
If you’re not watching Black-ish, you are missing out on one of the strongest television couples of all time. Sure, they fight. A LOT. But they’re a team, damn it.

Batboy and Kittygirl, Gotham
I know that for a lot of you, Baby Bruce Wayne is the weakest part of Gotham, but I can’t help but love every scene he has with little Selina Kyle. They may not have the stability of other entries on this list, but they’re still learning. Together.

Annie and Jake, Marry Me
There are other characters on this show we wouldn’t mind losing, but none of them are Annie or Jake. Good thing, too, because they’re solid as a sexy rock.

Mindy and Danny, The Mindy Project
Sure, she may be flighty and he may be condescending, but these two work. Also, werk.

Errol and His Sister, True Detective
The family that makes flowers together… is incredibly disturbing together.

Aaron Sorkin and Himself, Everything
Sorkin is so crazy about himself, he can’t help but project his muse (read: him) onto every male lead he writes.*
*I know, I know, calling them “male leads” is just repetitive when it comes to Sorkin.

Colin Jost and Leslie Jones, SNL Weekend Update
The aggressive flirtation between these two may make you uncomfortable, but there’s no will they/won’t they here. If Jones wants it, THEY WILL.

Gretchen and Jimmy Stupid Three Names, You’re the Worst
These two are toxic people, but they are toxic together.

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