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‘This Year, I’m a Mommy Mummy’: 15 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by TV Shows

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | October 17, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | October 17, 2014 |

If you read Pajiba, TV is probably your life, so you have no time to prepare for Halloween when you have five episodes of Nashville on the DVR. So here are some costume ideas from television shows ranging from easy to extremely difficult, if you’re up for the challenge.

Jim Halpert’s Three Hole Punch, The Office
The easiest, laziest, most-looked-into-the-camera costume there is.

Amy Santiago’s Crime Scene, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Might as well take advantage of items you can get for free in your workplace. (Note: This does not apply to anyone who works in a morgue.)

April Ludgate’s Sumo Wrestler Who Recently Lost Weight, Parks and Recreation
If she inflated the sumo costume, it would’ve been difficult, but it’s April, so she didn’t.

Bill Haverchuck’s Bionic Woman, Freaks and Geeks
Remember, he’s not a little girl, he’s a WOMAN, a BIONIC WOMAN.

Gloria Pritchett’s Alien, Modern Family
If you have a baby belly, use it to your advantage. Just don’t call her an illegal alien.

Burt Chance’s Sexy Mailman as Part of the Village People, Raising Hope
Burt already pulls off the sexy mailman outfit, but add in an extra layer of sexy mailman from the Village People, and he becomes that much more irresistible.

Nick Miller’s Bee(a) Arthur, New Girl
Be prepared for a lot of “BEEEEEEEES!!!!” call-outs, or a lot of Golden Girls quotes.

Tina Belcher’s Mommy Mummy, Bob’s Burgers
It’s tough out there for a single mommy mummy with a mummy baby.

Britta Perry as Ham, Community
As much as I wanted to put Britta’s cool cat costume on the list, I had to go with her ham costume. It’s Angie Jordan approved.

Morgan Tooker’s Urinal, The Mindy Project
It takes dedication keeping your arms up to pretend to be a wall. And just imagine all the drunk people who will try to use you.

Ross Geller’s Spudnik, Friends
Only a certain kind of man chooses to dress up as a giant potato. Whether you think that’s an insult or compliment of Ross Geller is up to you.

Sue Heck’s Dice, The Middle
Being a dice seems easy: you’re just putting on a big square box painted white with some black circles on it. But then you have to move and walk around, and, well, no dice.

Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, and Lily Aldrin’s Lady, the Tramp, and the Bowl of Spaghetti, How I Met Your Mother
Couple costumes are already hard to pull off (see below), but a threesome costume? Even harder. Of the many trio outfits Schmosby & Co. donned over the years, the Lady and the Tramp and a bowl of spaghetti might be the best one.

Anya Jenkin’s Bunny, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dressing up as the thing you fear the most is Halloween appropriate.

Penny Hartz & Max Blum’s Mom and Baby, Happy Endings
True love is being a mom and her child in a baby bjorn. Even truer love is when one person has to constantly crouch in front of the other for the sake of the costume.

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