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15 Great Performers Whose TV Shows Had An Embarrassingly Short Run This Year

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | July 16, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | July 16, 2013 |

Eddie Izzard — “Mockingbird Lane”: Not even picked up for a full run this Bryan Fuller disasterbacle aired as a “special.” After watching it, there was no mystery as to why it wasn’t given a full run. The good news? Fuller used Izzard beautifully on his much better series “Hannibal.”

Chi McBride — “Golden Boy”: Speaking of Fuller, we’re all living in a post-“Pushing Daises” world where Lee Pace has to play emo vampires and sparkly elves and Chi McBride gets this. Put out of its misery after 13 episodes.

Mamie Gummer — “Emily Owens”: If you’re not half in love with Meryl Streep’s daughter, it just means you haven’t watched enough of “The Good Wife.” And you know what, that’s a fight you and I can have on another day. This sweet, fluffy little Aly McBeal-ish show didn’t make it past the half season mark. Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing even more of Nancy Corzier.
Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.12.01 AM.png

Bill Pullman — “1600 Penn”: He is Lonestar, man. He is one of our favorite movie presidents. HE STOLE AMERICA’S SWEETHEART FROM PETER GALLAGHER WHILE GALLAGHER WAS SLEEPING. This show, however, was the worst.

Zeljko Ivanek — “The Mob Doctor”: Ivanek is one of my favorite “that guy” actors and had a great year at the movies with parts in Seven Psychopaths, The Bourne Legacy and Argo. Between this and “Banshee,” however, his TV credentials weren’t as stellar.

Carrie-Anne Moss — “Vegas”: “Vegas” was packed to the gills with talent and I could have easily included Dennis Quaid or Michael Chiklis on this list. But Moss is a wee bit easier on the eyes and as a Very Strong Actress Of A Certain Age, I want her to have something great to work with. This wasn’t it.

Terry O’Quinn — “666 Park Avenue”: I like moody, paranormal suspense as much as the next person but even O’Quinn as Lucifer himself wasn’t enough to keep this thing afloat.

Justin Kirk — “Animal Practice”: What an abysmal follow-up to eight strong years on “Weeds.” (“Weeds” wasn’t always strong, but Kirk was.) He deserves much better than a monkey co-star.

Phylicia Rashad — “Do No Harm”: “Do No Harm” (or, as Paul F. Tompkins likes to call it, “Doctor Face Hands”) was a complete waste of this woman’s time.

Matthew Davis — “Cult”: Okay, you know what, Davis probably doesn’t belong on this list because he is, of course, a CW actor. That being said, he was always one of my very favorite parts of “The Vampire Diaries” and one half of TV’s finest bromances. Thankfully, the show was cancelled and Alaric was able to make a reappearance at the end of this season. Show of hands who wants Ghost Alaric to come back for good?

Radha Mitchell — “Red Widow”: Mitchell who played one of my all-time favorite female movie badasses could anchor the hell out of a strong drama. This wasn’t it, but I’d like to see her keep trying.

Mikael Nyqvist — “Zero Hour”: This man is a legit star in Sweden and played the Daniel Craig role in the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movies. And then he had to work with Goose? I don’t think so.

Andre Braugher — “Last Resort”: Oh I so wanted this to do well. And not just because of Scott Speedman in uniform. Because Braugher is a g-d MACHINE and he doesn’t get enough work.

JK Simmons — “Family Tools”: This was a nightmare and an embarrassment for everyone concerned. But especially for JK who deserves much better.

Rachel Griffiths — “Camp”: This sitcom is being burned off over the summer. Dustin says he couldn’t even make it through the pilot. Alas, poor Brenda.