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13 Other Great 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches That Never Made It to Air

By Vivian Kane | Lists | December 8, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | December 8, 2014 |

Today we saw one of SNL’s best sketches of recent history. That sketch, despite it having a bite and a relevancy that are all but unknown to the show, was cut after the dress rehearsal. This happens every week, and lucky for us, SNL has started posting the occasional cut segment to YouTube. A few weeks ago we got that fantastic Aidy Bryant Twitter-based musical number. Here are 13 other great (or at least great-ish) sketches that never made it to the air.

13. Andy Samberg’s lonely bathroom guy. Samberg had an idea about a guy who never wants to go to the bathroom alone. Okay, “great” might be overstating this one.

12. “Angel of Death.” Christopher Walken is a sensitive, “funky” angel of death with a pageboy haircut.

11. Bill Hader’s Kasey/J.C. Kasem sketch. Is there anything more to this than a single impression split between two characters? I feel like Hader describing it is infinitely funnier than the actual sketch would have been.

10. Gossipy Coal Miner. The funniest thing about this sketch is how funny Bill Hader thinks it is.

9. Justin Timberlake as Mozart: Very Serious Actor. Remember when Justin Timberlake was just starting to try his hand at an acting career, and we were all like “Let’s just stick to the music, okay ‘N Sync?” This is that, but with Mozart. Which is kind of a funny premise, but Andy Samberg’s Salieri puts it over the top.

8. Neil Diamond and Christina Aguilera. Will Ferrell’s Neil Diamond impression is one of the greatest gifts SNL ever gave us. This sketch may have more than a few other failings, but at least we have that.

7. Justin Bieber’s “Song For Daddy.” Bill Hader called this sketch “the greatest train wreck ever.” It’s pretty close, but that’s a title that has quite a lot of competition.

6. Chris Farley’s Jerry Sozio. This sketch is painful to watch, but more Chris Farley is always worth our time.

5. Bobby Moynihan’s super disturbing Elf on the Shelf.

4. This apology from Netflix, from back when they almost sank themselves with that Qwikster bullsh*t, is so perfect, it’s absolutely baffling that it was cut.

3. Will Ferrell’s Old Prospector. This was released on Ferrell’s SNL Best-Of collection, and why it never made it to air is a mystery. Oh, peaches!

2. Tina Fey Presents: “Great Women Writers.” Why on Earth was this bit cut? Featuring the line, “You know who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Any homeboy with a pair of eyeballs,” this is magic.

1. Nasim Pedrad as Aziz Ansari. Obviously this one was going to be on here. It’s got zippers!

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