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11 TV Couples Who Taught Us the Art of Arguing

By Vivian Kane | Lists | November 3, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | November 3, 2014 |

Last night was the premiere of Frances McDormand’s Olive Kitteridge on HBO (it’s a two-night event! Watch it tonight!), and we were introduced not only to the splendor of Jesse Plemons’ mustache:
Thumbnail image for jesse-stache.png
-but also to one of the best/worst couples in TV history. To a casual observer, Olive and Henry Kitteridge may seem like nothing more than a mean-spirited, loveless monster and an affable doormat. But their relationship is based in a solid foundation of love and mutual understanding (and some pretty heavy lust, too). And isn’t that the case with all our favorite couples? At one end of the spectrum we’ve got our Jims and Pams (lovely, if eventually boring), at the other, the Skylars and Walts (toxic). The best television couples sit right in that sweet spot, where they can tear each other apart, but always return to that base of love.

11. Olive and Henry Kitteridge

10. Sam and Diane

9. Ralph and Alice
Threats of violence and space travel notwithstanding.

8. Joey and Pacey

8. Tony and Carmela Soprano
This one crosses back and forth over that line between passionate and damaged like it’s not even there.

7. Roseanne and Dan

6. Luke and Lorelai
Bicker and banter is the foundation of any great relationship. Also, coffee.

5. Louie & Pamela

4. Xander and Anya

3. Everyone on Mad Men
don-betty.jpg don-megan.jpg petetrudy-dance.gif peggy-boys.jpg

2. Basil and Sybil Fawlty

1. Charlie and Frank
Charlie-and-Frank.png charlie-sweetdeal.png charlie-frankhug.gif

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