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11 Crappiest Movies Of Denzel Washington’s Career

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | February 8, 2012 |

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | February 8, 2012 |

Yes, we’re talking about Denzel Washington this week, who received a rather glowing assessment a few years ago. Still, the man is capable of churning out his fair share of crappy movies too, so we are here to celebrate that fact.

At the time of publication, this weekend’s Safe House was not eligible for inclusion to this list. From the looks of the trailer, it could’ve been a contender.

The Book Of Eli: This movie had great atmosphere but an execution that turned it into post-apocalyptic nonsense.


Heart Condition: Here’s an action comedy with very little action and really awful comedic stylings from Denzel himself.


The Bone Collector: Yet another adaptation of a bearable book that’s been turned into a formulaic cliché.


Fallen: (SPOILER ALERT) Deus Ex Machina in the form of a cat? Really.


The Preacher’s Wife: This one was sort of charming but still crappy in terms of Denzel’s career.


Deja Vu: Sometimes, a pretty good sci-fi/thriller story gets Bruckheimered to death. This would be one of those times.


John Q: Such propaganda.


The Pelican Brief: Julia Roberts’ character should’ve just looked up her info on Lexis-Nexis and spared us this adaptation.


The Taking Of Pelham 123: Here’s an entry for the “Terrible, Pointless Remakes” file.


Virtuosity: This campy movie might be a guilty pleasure for some, but Denzel can do better.


And a little unexpected bonus number for you…

Man On Fire: Yes, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie and have mentioned it elsewhere on a few occasions. Still, it’s pretty damn crappy in spite of ol’ Creasy Bear.


Agent Bedhead lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She and her little black heart can be found at Celebitchy.

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