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10 Movies More Controversial Than 'Fifty Shades of Grey' And Its Lousy 20 Minutes of Sex Scenes

By Jodi Smith | Lists | February 2, 2015 |

By Jodi Smith | Lists | February 2, 2015 |

This is it, people. We are in the home stretch. It’s time to count down to the sure-to-be-depressingly-high-grossing, and highly gross, opening of Fifty Shades of Grey. February 13th will be bringing the sizzling lack of chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan and, Yahoo! reports, 20 minutes of lackluster sex scenes to the big screen.

It’s a 100-minute movie with 12 sex scenes that add up to 20 minutes. This makes it the most sex-filled flick to hit theaters in 10 years. Whoopty shit. I’ve gathered 10 other mainstream flicks from the last 10 years with more controversial content than a mousy woman being dominated by a powerful man.

In no particular order:

1. Hard Candy 2005

Controversy: Pedophilia, revenge, torture, and castration.

2. Hounddog 2007

Controversy: 12 year-old Dakota Fanning filming a rape scene.

3. Antichrist 2009

Controversy: Sexual violence, including testicle crushing and forceful removal of the little man in the boat.

4. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) 2010

Controversy: Two women and one man are held against their will and surgically connected ass-to-mouth.

5. Hostel, 2005

Controversy: One of the forefathers of the resurgence of torture porn, the flick showed “regular” people paying for the privilege of torturing and killing victims provided to them on their “murder vacation”.

6. Nymphomaniac Vols. 1 & 2, 2014

Controversy: Actual penetrative sex was performed by porn actors, and the film’s actors were digitally merged with them. Shia LeBeouf used a sex tape starring himself and his girlfriend at the time as his audition reel.

7. A Serbian Film, 2010

Controversy: There are so many things to list here, but I’ll just highlight the things least likely to cause nightmares. Snuff film, necrophilia, and torture.
Thumbnail image for a-serbian-film-scowl1.jpg

8. Blue is the Warmest Color, 2013

Controversy: A 10-minute lesbian sex scene and the admission by the lead actresses that the director made them feel like prostitutes and took 10 days to film one sex scene.

9. Borat, 2006

Controversy: The people fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazakh character were unhappy with their portrayal in the film and some of them sued. The Kazakh government was unhappy with how its people were portrayed in the film and they sued. I’m sure I missed something…

10. Shame, 2011

Controversy: Michael Fassbender plays a man with a sexual addiction, giving us many sex scenes. The uncomfortable relationship that’s never fully explained is between Fassbender and Carey Mulligan’s sibling characters.