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10 Celebrities We Love Who Should Be In More Things We Like

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | August 20, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | August 20, 2014 |

Before Chris Pratt became CHRIS PRATT, he was just a nice guy who was known for charming the pants off everyone on Everwood. Then, wham, he was cast on Parks and Recreation, working a temporary role into a regular gig. From there, the rest of Hollywood realized how great he is, and gave him the roles he deserved. I mean, have you seen him in Guardians of the Galaxy? He’s f’ing great. Here are 10 actors and actresses who I love that should be in more TV shows and movies I like.

1. Zach Gilford
Seven was sosososososo good on Friday Night Lights, not only as the goofy anti-Riggins, but as a dramatic actor, too. He gave such a memorable performance in “The Son” that fans of Gilford’s campaign for an Emmy nomination on his behalf. Alas, that didn’t happen, but it could! Set aside those horror thrillers, and get back to the emotional, personal side of your career.

2. Olivia Wilde
There are many words to describe Olivia Wilde: badass, crazy intelligent, hilarious. She’s just a gem in real life, and everyone rightly so loves her. She should do more indie films like Drinking Buddies (except better), where she wasn’t just some The Incredible Burt Wonderstone eye candy in tight clothes.

3. Joel Kinnaman
The Killing was GREAT for one season and terrible for the rest, but at least it introduced us to lovely Joel. He plays non-robot cops well, both in Seattle and Sweden, but let him break out of that. Don’t let the Killing rain bog you down.

4. Anna Faris
With a famous husband like Mr. Pratt, you forget that Anna Faris was pegged to be the next best thing, too. She needs a real meaty role in a drama, not a time-consuming gig on a Chuck Lorre CBS sitcom, where she’s not led by pratfalls (heh).

5. Jason Dohring
We know him as smoldering bad boy Logan Echolls, but that’s all we know him from. Get him another TV role a la Party Down without the cancellation.

6. Kerry Washington
Brilliant in Django Unchained, and excellent in Scandal, but what happens in between seasons? She was great on Saturday Night Live — let that funny out more.

7. Ben Schwartz
As fans of Parks and Recreation know all too well, the man has all the comedic genius in the world. It should be unleashed on a much larger scale.

8. Jenna Fischer
Aside from The Office and side roles in the comedy brat pack films of the ’00s, did you know that she plays confused, odd, sadsack characters really well? See The Giant Mechanical Man (with bonus Chris Messina) for proof. Her subtle performance is something that should be employed more often.

9. Jay Baruchel
He acts, writes, produces, directs, and does a whole lot of supporting roles, so he should use that How to Train Your Dragon money and create a lead for himself that’s funny, sweet, and weird.

10. Jane Levy
R.I.P. Suburgatory. Jane, you’re better than About Alex, which looks like the worst parts of indie mumblecore millennial BS.