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Ryan Gosling's 'SNL' Promos: Yeah, This'll Do

By Emily Cutler | Saturday Night Live | December 3, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Saturday Night Live | December 3, 2015 |

Saturday Night Live hasn’t been good to us this season. Like overall it’s been pretty bad to us. They’ve written shows that even written shows even competent hosts couldn’t overcome, and showed that the only time they can be really good is when they have a host who is really great at comedy. So instead of making sort of funny actors seem funny with a great show, they need a great comedic actor to make their show look good. Not a great recipe for success, SNL.

But they might have learned how to work around that. If they can’t do biting social commentary (and they can’t) and if they can’t handle high profile, controversial hosts (and good lord, they can’t), maybe they can just have likable, charming enough hosts that people will tune in for the rest of the mediocrity. Elizabeth Banks, Matthew McConaughey, and now Ryan Gosling.

It might seem like Gosling is hosting only as eye candy. To which I say:
1.) I’m totally ok with that.
2.) But let’s not forget that Gosling actually can be funny,
3.) And he got his start on the Mickey Mouse Club. If someone had told you 13 years ago that Justin Timberlake is an amazing SNL host, you’d be right to tell that stranger, “Hey, please leave me alone and stop talking about that Backstreet Boy.” But that stranger would be right about JT’s hosting abilities.

Also if the writers can see fit to make adult Ryan Gosling recreate this gem from his past, I’d be forever grateful.

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