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Welcome to Our Saturday Night Live Archive

Last Night's 'Saturday Night Live' Was OK, But Saoirse Ronan Was Transcendent

Chance the Rapper Hosts an Exceptionally Average 'Saturday Night Live'

'Come Back Barack' Is the Perfect 'Saturday Night Live' Song for the Times

Tiffany Haddish Becomes the First Black Female Stand-Up Comedian to Host 'SNL'

The Democrats Are Finally Worthy of Being Mocked on 'SNL' Again!

Larry David Hosts a Painfully Tone Deaf 'Saturday Night Live'

Larry David's 'SNL' Monologue Crashes and Burns Spectacularly

As David S. Pumpkins Returns To Save Us All, I Still Have Several Questions

Kumail Nanjiani Gives Great Host on Kate McKinnon's 'Saturday Night Live'

Gal Gadot Steals A Fry In This Cut For Time 'SNL' Short

Gal Gadot Hosts a Very Bad 'SNL' Except for that One Skit Where Wonder Woman Kisses Kate McKinnon

The 'Saturday Night Live' Cold Open Pays Perfect Tribute to Both the Vegas Victims and Tom Petty

Ryan Gosling Can't Keep It Together on 'SNL,' and Jost and Che Finally Show Up on 'Update'

'SNL' Returns and Doesn't Waste Any Time Humiliating Donald Trump

'SNL' Retools Heading Into Its 43rd Season

Tina Fey Crashes 'Weekend Update', Says Things, Eats Cake

SNL's 'Weekend Update' Special Was Something Something

'Saturday Night Live' Has a Mikey Day Problem

Somehow Scarlett Johansson Managed to Slide Her Tongue Into Colin Jost's Impenetrable Smirk

'SNL' Repeats One of the Year's Best Cold Opens with Wildly Different Results

The Rock Hosts a Joyous, Hilarious High-Energy 'SNL' Finale

Melissa McCarthy Straight-Up Humiliates Sean Spicer on 'Saturday Night Live'

The 'SNL' Cold Open Goes After Trump, and It Is Vicious

Highlights: Melissa McCarthy Hosts the Season's Best 'Saturday Night Live'

Chris Pine Sings and Dances, But Chris Pine Can't Save a Dreadful Episode of 'SNL'

Chris Pine Fantastically Tackles the Chris Confusion in the 'SNL' Cold Open

'SNL' Has Never Been More Relevant, And Its Cast Never Less So

Remember When Jimmy Fallon Could Be Relied Upon to Be a Good 'SNL' Host?

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Returns to 'SNL' with the Worst Passover Story Ever

So, 'SNL' Stole that Tig Notaro Sketch, After All

Louis C.K. Delivers a Solid, Occasionally Icky Episode of 'Saturday Night Live'

Louis C.K. Delivers a Great 10-Minute Set for His 'SNL' Monologue

Alec Baldwin Puts the Nail in Bill O'Reilly's Career on 'SNL'

Alec Baldwin Puts the Nail in Bill O'Reilly's Career on 'SNL'

Taran Killam Did Not Enjoy Working with Donald Trump on 'SNL'

'Saturday Night Live' Will Now Be Even More 'Live' Than Ever

Scarlett Johansson Hosted 'SNL' and It Was Awful

The Writers Hang Octavia Spencer Out to Dry on This Week's 'Saturday Night Live'

SNL: TBD Is the Republican Hero American Needs Right Now

'SNL' Perfectly Illustrates That Nice-Guy Feminists Really Are the Worst

For the Second Week in a Row, Melissa McCathy Kills It as Sean Spicer on 'SNL'

Highlights from the Alec Baldwin Hosted 'The Kate McKinnon Show,' Er, 'Saturday Night Live'

Melissa McCarthy Skewers Sean Spicer in What May Be 'SNL's Best Sketch of the Year

The 'SNL' Cold Open Provides Donald Trump a Rare Mirror Into His Presidency

Kristen Stewart Hosts the Best 'SNL' of 2017, So Far

The Aziz Ansari Hosted 'SNL' Is a Mixed Bag That Works Best When It Sticks to Politics

Aziz Ansari Devotes His Entire 'SNL' Monologue to Skewering Trump and His Racist Supporters

Felicity Jones Hosted 'SNL' This Week And She Wasn't Very Good At It

This Week's 'SNL' Cold Open Rains Down a Golden Shower of Mockery on Donald Trump

'SNL' Sketches That Celebrate the Warmth and Hilarity of the Season

Accused Sexual Abuser Casey Affleck Hosts a Wildly Hit & Miss 'SNL'

Casey Affleck's 'SNL' Dunkin Donuts Commercial Is One of the Year's Best

John Goodman Helps Alec Baldwin Rip Trump's Ties to Russia in the 'SNL' Cold Open

John Cena Hosts a Brutal, Lousy 'Saturday Night Live'

Bryan Cranston Plays Walter White, Trump's Head of the DEA, in the 'SNL' Cold Open

The Weird Hovering Presence of 'Office Christmas Party' In This Week's 'SNL'

Emma Stone Hosts 'SNL,' Jennifer Aniston Stops By, and Kate McKinnon's Debette Goldry Steals the Show

Alec Baldwin Is Basically Trolling Donald Trump in the 'SNL' Cold Open

Colin Jost Remains the Worst, Blames Gender Identity Options for Trump

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Returns with an Unintentionally Sobering 'SNL' Cold Open

Donald Trump Slams a Really Mediocre Episode of 'SNL' Hosted by Kristen Wiig

Dave Chappelle's 'Cut For Time' SNL Sketch Is About As Weird As You Could Hope For

Dave Chappelle Recreates Negan's Iconic 'The Walking Dead' Sequence on 'SNL'

Kate McKinnon's Touching 'SNL' Cold Open Continues This Week's Grieving Process

Dave Chapelle Hosts an 'SNL' for the Ages

In the Final Episode Before the Election, 'SNL' Blows It

On SNL's Last Cold Open Before the Election, Baldwin and McKinnon GOTV

SNL's Coverage of the 3rd Debate Is The Season's Best Cold Open

Tom Hanks Brought His A+ Dad Game on the Best 'SNL' Episode of the Season

Leslie Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Sexiest Teacher Alive Are in a Three-Way Twitter Love Connection

The Salvageable Remains of a Disastrous 'SNL,' Hosted by Emily Blunt

The 'SNL' Cold Open Attempts the Impossible: Parodying the Second Presidential Debate

These Compilations of Comedians Breaking Character on 'SNL' Are Good For What Trumps Ya

Highlights From 'SNL' Hosted by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Who Is Too Good for This World

'SNL': Why Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Diego Calls Home' Was the Best Sketch Of the Night

Kate McKinnon Steals the 'SNL' Cold Open From Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump

Colin Jost and Michael Che Up Their Garbage Game by Saying Nice Things about Donald Trump

Colin Jost and Michael Che Are the Exact Wrong Anchors for This Era of 'Weekend Update'

The 'SNL' Season Premiere Brilliantly Takes on Trump and the Leslie Jones' Hack

'SNL' Cold Open: Hillary vs. Trump in the Presidential Debate

'SNL' Casts Liberal Trash-Can Person to Play Conservative Trash Dumpster Person

Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Host SNL and Everything Is Going to Be OK

'SNL' Adds Three New Featured Players to Its 41st Season

Michael Che, In His Own Damning Words

Another Cast Member Exits 'Saturday Night Live'

Two Veteran 'SNL' Cast Members Exit Ahead of Season 42

The Phenomenal Highlights from the 'SNL' Season Finale

'SNL's' 'Dead Poet's Society' Parody Is the Best Sketch of the Year

The Drake Hosted 'Saturday Night Live' Was Brutal

'Saturday Night Live's' Jon Snow Sketch Was Hilariously On Point

'SNL's' Fantastic Mother's Day Episode Featured a Blast from the Past and the Future

Larry David Has a Daughter Who is Reportedly Dating an 'SNL' Cast Member

'SNL' Will Feature Fewer Commercials, Which is a Mixed Blessing

Lighten Up, America

Julia Louis Dreyfus Was Goddamn Terrifying, Hilarious as 'SNL' Host

'SNL': Big Zit Cindy Was A Real Thing, and Really Disgusting

The 0 Must-See Sketches From This Week's Russell Crowe Hosted 'SNL'

The Three Must-See Sketches from the Peter Dinklage Hosted 'SNL'

Peter Dinklage Is Going to Be So Good on 'SNL' (Maybe)

The 5 Must-See Sketches from the Surprisingly Great Ariana Grande Hosted 'SNL'

Jonah Hill Hosted 'SNL,' And Here are the Three Sketches You Need to See Today

Kanye West Calls SNL Staffers 'White Motherf****rs,' Taylor Swift a 'Fake A**' During Epic Backstage Rant

Once Again, SNL's Cut Sketch Was Better Than Much of the Actual Show

The Three Must-Watch Sketches from the Melissa McCarthy Hosted 'SNL'

Larry David (and Bernie Sanders) Deliver a Fantastic, Crowd-Pleasing 'SNL'

Ronda Rousey Hosted 'SNL' and She Was Definitely a Host of 'SNL'

Adam Driver Awakens the Force (In Your Pants) as Host of 'SNL'

The Tina and Amy Hosted 'SNL' Was the Best 2004 'SNL' Episode of 2015!

Last Night's Trump-Bashing Episode of 'SNL' Hosted by Chris Hemsworth Was a Blast

Ryan Gosling Is SNL's Latest Unexpectedly Fantastic Host

Ryan Gosling's 'SNL' Promos: Yeah, This'll Do

The McConaissance Continues as Matthew McConaughey Hosts a Terrific 'SNL'

Jon Hamm Steals All the Thunder in a Hilarious, Cameo-Filled Star Wars 'SNL' Sketch

If Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Can't Save 'SNL,' Maybe Springsteen Can

What a Difference a Week Makes on the Elizabeth Banks' Hosted 'SNL'

Colin Jost Is a Nice Person

Ranking the Best TV Episodes of the Week

Marc Maron Demythologizes Lorne Michaels on an Anti-Climactic WTF Podcast

Donald Trump Hosted an Embarrassing and Profoundly Pointless 'SNL'

'Saturday Night Live' Doesn't Care About Hispanic People

Here Are the Donald Trump 'SNL' Promos NBC Has Already Pulled

David Spade Explains Why Eddie Murphy Hated Him and Wouldn't Do 'SNL' for 30 Years

Colin Jost Is Out as Head Writer of 'SNL'

Recap: Someone Forgot to Tell Tracy Morgan that 'SNL' Isn't Good Anymore

Larry David's 'SNL' Cameo as Bernie Sanders Is Perfection Squared

Donald Trump Will Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Can Amy Schumer Pull 'SNL' Out Of Its Funk?

Miley Cyrus Hosted the 'SNL' Season Premiere And It Was Not Good

Watch Hillary Clinton's Smart, Funny 'Saturday Night Live' Cameo

The 'SNL' Season Premiere Hasn't Even Aired And It's Courting Controversy

'Saturday Night Live' Adds a New Cast Member

Why Does 'SNL' Insist On Cutting Its Best Sketches?

Colin Jost's AMA Proves He Isn't Adept At Funny, But Did Write A Movie

Colin Jost Eviscerates Time Warner Cable In A Crowd-Pleasing Twitter Tirade

Cut SNL Sketch Reveals the Truth Behind Louis C.K's Success

Louis C.K. Hosted an Outstanding 'SNL' Season Finale; Where Has This Cast Been All Season?

Michael Che Denies 'SNL' Stole a Sketch From an 'Obscure' Canadian Show

Two 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' Writers Call Out 'SNL' For Ripping Off Their Sketch Idea

Did 'SNL' Lift their Muhammad Sketch from the Canadian Comedy Show '22 Minutes'?

Reese Witherspoon Hosted 'SNL,' Brought Out The Mothers of All the Cast Members, and It Was Adorable

Scarlett Johansson Is Great, But Her 'SNL' Episode Was Not

Taraji P. Henson Hosted 'SNL' With Cameos from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Billy Crystal and Big Bird

Michael Che Graciously Tells a Fan to 'Eat a Dick'

The Michael Keaton Hosted 'SNL' Featured Norman Reedus and a Creepy Easter Message

The Rock Hosted One of the Best and Worst 'SNL' Episodes of the Season

Keep, Fire, or Spin Off? An 'SNL' Debate

'SNL' Was Hosted This Week By a Strong, Handsome White Guy

How a Bitter Adam Sandler Ransomed NBC After Being Fired From 'SNL'

Watch The Fantastic '50 Shades of Grey' Sketch Inexplicably Cut From This Week's 'SNL'

The Dakota Johnson Hosted 'Saturday Night Live' Was Absolutely Heartbreaking

'SNL' Promo: Dakota Johnson May Just Be the Next Great Host of 'Saturday Night Live'

Jimmy Fallon Recounts SNL's 40th Anniversary on 'The Tonight Show'

Scoring the Highlights (and the Tone-Deaf Lowlights) of SNL's 40th Anniversary Special

SNL's 40th Anniversary Special to Feature Nothing But Guest Stars

Lorne Michaels Reveals the 'SNL' Season He Most Regrets

40 Years of 'SNL' Women Get Together for a 'Glamour' Photoshoot While Colin Jost Continues to Ruin Everything

A Great Underappreciated Actor Got a Well-Deserved Stint as Host of 'SNL' This Week

One-Word Reviews of Each Sketch in the Miserably Bad Blake Shelton Hosted 'SNL'

The Calvin Klein Parody Ads on the Kevin Hart Hosted 'SNL' Busted Justin Bieber's (Tiny) Balls

The 10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches of 2014

Watch the 'Love Actually' Parody 'SNL' Cut for Time (Or Maybe Because It Was Creepy)

About The Sketch That Barack Obama Wouldn't Let 'Saturday Night Live' Air

Kristen Wiig 'Had the Time Of Her Life' with Harry Styles at the 'SNL' After-Party

The Amy Adams' Hosted Christmas Episode of 'SNL' Featured the Year's Best Cameo

The Phenomenal Martin Freeman-Hosted 'SNL' Included One of the Best Sketches of 2014

SNL's Leslie Jones Explains What Went Wrong in That Failed Chris Rock Sketch

Let's Overanalyze: Did Nicki Minaj Awkwardly Rebuff Colin Jost's Attempt to Hug Her on 'SNL'?

The Oldest Actor Ever to Join 'SNL' Is Also This Season's Biggest Bright Spot

James Franco Was a Better Host of the Oscars Than Of Last Night's 'SNL' (Not a Compliment)

Scoring the Cameron Diaz Hosted Thanksgiving Episode of 'SNL' Featuring Black Annie

Why on Earth Was Aidy Bryant's Spectacular Spectacular Cut From Last Week's 'SNL'?

Host Woody Harrelson Blazes/Tokes His Way Through a Solid 'SNL' (with a Jennifer Lawrence Assist)

The Only 5 'SNL' Sketches We Gave a One Out of 10 Score in 2014

Two Explanations Emerge for One of 'SNL's' Worst Sketches Ever

Chris Rock Hosted 'SNL' with Musical Guest Prince and I Swear It's Usually Not This Bad, Guys

Turns Out, 'SNL's' 'Weekend Update' Anchor, Michael Che, is Kind of a Dick

This Week's Jim Carrey Hosted 'SNL' Was Alright(y Then)!

Why Tina Fey Would Be the Perfect Person to Replace Lorne Michaels on 'SNL' (Sooner, Rather than Later)

The 15 Best Monologues from Returning ‘SNL’ Cast Members

Dan Cortese Responds to Stefon's Mockery on 'SNL'

Cecily Strong Responds to Rumors that She's Pissed About Getting the 'Weekend Update' Shaft

10 Former ‘SNL’-ers Who Should Return to Host

Michael Che Was a Revelation on Last Night's 'SNL' (And Sarah Silverman Was Pretty Good, Too)

Bill Hader Is Responsible for Bringing Blow-Job Guy, Pete Davidson, to 'SNL'

Chris Pratt Hosted the Season Premiere of 'SNL,' and It Was Outstanding

Predicting the 5 Famous Faces Who Will Show Up In Chris Pratt’s ‘SNL’

So Much For Trimming the Cast: 'SNL' Hires A New Featured Player

Cecily Strong Would Rather You Feel Bad About Her 'Dumbass Neck' than Losing 'Weekend Update'

Cecily Strong, the Best Part of SNL's Weekend Update, Is No Longer on SNL's Weekend Update

Bill Murray Will Not Be Hosting the 'SNL' Season Premiere, but Chris Pratt Will

The 12 Most Romantic Kisses on 'Saturday Night Live' During the Tumblr Era

10 Former 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Members Who Left a Smaller Impression than Brooks Wheelan

Is Jimmy Fallon a Genius? Dana Carvey's Orchestra Backed Rendition of 'Choppin' Broccoli'

The 9 Best Answers In the Reddit AMA of SNL's Vanessa Bayer

A Study into the Many Facial Expressions of 'Weekend Update's' Colin Jost

Practically the Entire 2011 Cast Returns for the Andy Samberg Hosted 'SNL' Season Finale

Assessing This Year's Painful, Disastrous Season of 'Saturday Night Live'

The Strange, Homoerotic Kyle Mooney Sketch Cut From 'SNL' This Week

Scoring the Andrew Garfield Hosted 'Saturday Night Live': Charming and Overeager with a Healthy Side of Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield SNL Promos Bring the Drama

'SNL's' Cecily Strong Loses a Bet and the Consequences Will Please Furry Fetishists