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'We Want Plates': The Reddit Community Dedicated to Documenting Food Served in Ridiculous Ways Will Infuriate You

By Petr Knava | reddit | April 19, 2018 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | April 19, 2018 |


It’s official, folks. Capitalism has finally gone insane. It’s been to the far edges of the universe of consumer preference; it has gazed off the edge of the world of unique selling points; and in doing so, it has lost its mind. Castleton thinks he can make your brain bleed with some ridiculous right wing memes. That’s weak sauce. Prepare to dive into a well of eldritch hipster horror such that you have never seen. Welcome to the Reddit community called We Want Plates, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Disclaimer: Pajiba is not responsible for any keyboards destroyed by rage vomit, brain hemorrhages caused by outrage, or spontaneous human combustion arising from seeing restaurants serving pizza on a motherfucking snowboard.

Horrifying from r/WeWantPlates
“I Put Fries in an Enclosed Bowl So They Steam and Get Soggy” - Some Prick Cook from r/WeWantPlates
I’m speechless from r/WeWantPlates
My bread served inside roadkill. from r/WeWantPlates
My wife’s cocktail was served in a hollow stone and had to be drunk through the hole, without a straw from r/WeWantPlates
Ravioli on a clothesline, as you do from r/WeWantPlates
This saddens me :( from r/WeWantPlates
A meringue served on a magnetically levitated pillow. from r/WeWantPlates
Self-aware absurdity? Apple pastry desert served on an image of a plate…. On an iPad. from r/WeWantPlates
This jungle gym is supposed to be my salad from r/WeWantPlates
Pizza on a snowboard. from r/WeWantPlates
Raspberry ice cream on a twig, in a hole drilled into a rock. from r/WeWantPlates
Salad with a side of bleeding. from r/WeWantPlates
Shoonk! French Fries in a Pneumatic Tube from r/WeWantPlates
Fish served on an empty beercan in a dirty ashtray from r/WeWantPlates
A Fuckin’ Bookshelf from r/WeWantPlates
Huge burger served on a small frying pan. Why? Just so you can make a mess on the table, which is a barrel. from r/WeWantPlates
Food looks delicious…but a toolbox?! from r/WeWantPlates
Fish goo smeared on a floor tile from r/WeWantPlates
From a friend’s instagram. Whitefish roe on hardtack bread. On a mousetrap… from r/WeWantPlates
Wife’s dinner. London. Michelin 2*. Very tasty. Don’t even know where to start on the presentation. from r/WeWantPlates
Lunch served in a garden trowel anyone? from r/WeWantPlates
They carried my bill out on a type writer from r/WeWantPlates

I’m sorry. Here, some relief:

Restaurant fined £50,000 for using wooden chopping boards as plates. [Birmingham, UK] from r/WeWantPlates

Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.

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