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Reason Number Million Why Dogs Are the Best: 'No Take, Only Throw!'

By Petr Knava | reddit | May 18, 2020 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | May 18, 2020 |


I dunno if you lot have noticed, but we here at Pajiba like dogs. Love ‘em. Those furry little four-legged cartoons that give humanity meaning. They are flawless angels who just love running at full breakneck speed to the sea and who spread joy wherever they go. The internet is full of forums dedicated to magnifying and sharing that joy. One of my favourites is a subreddit called ‘No take, only throw!’ Any dog owners will surely be immediately aware of what that title is referring to. In fact anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of having a slobbered over ball or toy brought to them with the implicit demand that it be thrown! now! but indeed no take! at the same time will know. So because it’s a Monday (if that still means anything anymore) and because we could all use a little bit more joy right now, here is a quick taste of the best of ‘No take, only throw!’:

Bucky back at it again, I can’t have his tennis ball but I should throw it from r/Notakeonlythrow
Layla doing what she does best from r/Notakeonlythrow
Please don’t boop the snoot, no take is serious from r/Notakeonlythrow
Throw the ball. No take. Throw. the. ball. No take! THROWTHEBALL!!!! from r/Notakeonlythrow
It’s MOINE from r/Notakeonlythrow
My friends dog will push it into your hand but wont let you take it. from r/Notakeonlythrow
NotakeNothrow from r/Notakeonlythrow
I thought you folks might like this relatable meme. from r/Notakeonlythrow
The shock when I finally took it from r/Notakeonlythrow
No throw only take from r/Notakeonlythrow
She wouldn’t let go so I grabbed a decoy toy, she now has two from r/Notakeonlythrow
My grandma and her dog Raisin regularly play like this until one of them gives up. It’s never Raisin. from r/Notakeonlythrow
NTOT with bonus borks from r/Notakeonlythrow
First time seeing a cat partaking from r/Notakeonlythrow
My Dogs Logic from r/Notakeonlythrow
No Throw, Only Push from r/Notakeonlythrow
Statue in commemoration to all the No Takes from r/Notakeonlythrow
No give. Only butt. from r/Notakeonlythrow
mine from r/Notakeonlythrow
No wage only spend from r/Notakeonlythrow

Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.

Header Image Source: Getty Images

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