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The Best of Reddit's 'Dogs With Jobs' Subreddit

By Petr Knava | reddit | March 28, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | March 28, 2019 |


I’ve been having a pretty rough couple of weeks, personal life-wise. I say that just to excuse the lack of a frothy or tangential preamble here. You know what helps with literally everything though? Dogs. So here’s the best of one of my absolute favourite Reddit subreddit’s, Dogs With Jobs:

Doggo carries the groceries from r/dogswithjobs
Yeager Airport’s @CRWHercules celebrated his 2nd birthday today! He chases away wildlife that come near the runway, keeping everyone safe! from r/dogswithjobs
This is Morty. He was deployed in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and jumped 30 feet out of a helicopter when he caught the scent of someone in need. He’s now in NC for Hurricane Florence. from r/dogswithjobs
I would be so proud of my dog if he got this job from r/dogswithjobs
A durian seller from r/dogswithjobs
Good boy does the duck calls so his owner can focus on hunting from r/dogswithjobs
Meet Jake! He is training to be an avalanche rescue dog from r/dogswithjobs
Meet Bród and Shadow, the President of Ireland’s two bodyguards from r/dogswithjobs
The President of Ireland’s dog Bród acting as a dignitary at reception to honour the Irish women’s field hockey team. from r/dogswithjobs
Stayed at an Airbnb in Portland. It was this doggos job (if requested by the guests) to keep us company while we were in during the day. Just had to call her down to our floor of the house. 5 stars. from r/dogswithjobs
Rescue dogs making sure every human is safe from r/dogswithjobs
Orientation from r/dogswithjobs
The vet clinic I work at has 9 white Golden’s that live there; here’s 6 of them hard at work. from r/dogswithjobs
Emergency team from r/dogswithjobs
Service pitbull training to protect his owners head when she has a seizure from r/dogswithjobs
Baloo is a Livestock Guardian dog for Alpacas in Italy from r/dogswithjobs
At age 14, he’s still leading glacier hikes and watching out for polar bears in Longyearbyen, Svalbard from r/dogswithjobs
This is Rocky! He is one of Vail Mtn’s Avalanche Rescue Dogs! from r/dogswithjobs
These two canine actors played the Corellian Hounds in “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” from r/dogswithjobs
When Tundra isn’t protecting the horses from all the evils around, he’s being a good boy and enjoying lots of love from us from r/dogswithjobs
Livestock guardian dog instantly goes from play to work from r/dogswithjobs
Playing is learning. from r/dogswithjobs
Good boye doggo becomes a fisherman from r/dogswithjobs
Bart the service dog helping his owner up a ramp. Good boy! from r/dogswithjobs
This veterinarian has a comfort dog assistant that helps sick dog patients know that everything will be alright from r/dogswithjobs

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