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Reddit Asks The Question: 'What's The Most Stupid Thing Society Thinks is Normal?'

By Petr Knava | reddit | October 3, 2017 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | October 3, 2017 |

Society—any society—could fairly be described as a collection of arbitrary-seeming habits, rituals, and customs. Sometimes hateful, sometimes stupid, sometimes of downright mysterious provenance, they are nevertheless the building blocks of our shared existence.

Yesterday, Reddit asked about one of these types of blocks. You can check out the full thread here, but below are some highlights:


Corporate lobbying. Millions in bribes are used to influence politicians to vote and make laws which hurt people. And its all done legally! Looking at you cable industry!


Expensive coffins.


Pumping dead bodies full of toxic, carcenogenic chemicals to preserve an appearance of peace and normalcy for a couple of days then burying that body in an very expensive box to leach into the soil and groundwater.


Two day weekends…


Spreading of misinformation and the fact that correcting it doesn’t seem to change most peoples’ opinions. I’ve noticed a staggering amount of people who form opinions on a topic, then look for things to back it up. When those sources are entirely proven false, rather than changing their viewpoint they simply look for other examples. It honestly has me completely cynical that we can have anything resembling an open, honest democracy. Politicians aren’t leading the political direction of our country, nor do I believe the media is (though certainly fanning the flames since that draws in the viewers). It’s not at all relegated to one party or even politics. That’s just one of the most visible areas.


The staggering amount of untouched, perfectly good food that restaurants and grocery stores throw away at the end of the day. Meanwhile there are people in the same cities that are starving or feel forced to dumpster dive for a meal.


Having kids left and right without properly thinking about their future or yours, I have a cousin who’s in his early 30s with 3 kids, 2 from his first wife an another new born with his new lover/girlfriend and his kids are basicly being tossed around to mom, grand parents, aunt and him in a continuous cycle without getting the proper attention, care and values they need. WTF.


Unpaid internships


Sensationalized 24 hour news. I feel like it’s stupid because it leads to this weird fear mongering that doesn’t actually positively feed any part of society. It just develops (imo) a halfway informed public that is deathly afraid of the world


Being married and disliking your spouse or the fact that you are married.
I swear listening to my father and a coworker talk about their marriages, you’d assume they were talking about a demon haunting their house, not an (assumed)loving wife.


Having to do something every single second of your day. Bragging about being “busy” or “stressed” all the time. That shit sucks!! Take time to do nothing and love yo self.


Competing over who sleeps less.
Coworker 1: “I only slept for 5 hours, I’m tired.”
Coworker 2: “Oh yea must be nice I only got 4 hours!”


See-through cracks in bathroom stall doors


People going on Social Media “fighting the good fight” about whatever the topic of the day is, but are complete asshats in real life. The people who put up all their signs of support for every event and post 20 political statements a day to show they are the good guys, but in real life would just walk past you without saying hello, wouldn’t look at someone homeless on the street, will probably cut you off on the road and then throw you a middle finger, won’t miss a beat in cutting infront of you in line at a store, etc.
I emigrated to the US a long time ago. I live in a quite a “liberal” area, there seems to be some sort of protest or uproar every weekend in the parks with people in support of immigrants or accurately, their idea of what an immigrant should be.
Meanwhile, as an immigrant, you know what I’d like? A friend. One of these locals to stop and say “hey man, want to grab a beer sometime?”. It’s funny they are all so in support of what they think an immigrant is, but in reality, very few I speak to, actually understand immigration at all, and tend to do what most people do, stick to their own circle of people from school/college and wouldn’t even consider that what a lot of immigrants would prefer is just a few welcoming friends, not a bunch of protestors who protest with their other non-immigrant friends, the go home without even speaking to or talking to… an immigrant.
I don’t really have a single good friend in this city despite being here a long time. Yet, everyone claims to be so in support and welcoming of immigrants. It just feels so much for show and attention.


Everyone holding up their phone at a concert to record it.


Cutting off a bit of skin for no reason is just weird.


Fraternities and sororities, essentially college sanctioned cults


Ties. Seriously its uncomfortable and serves no purpose.


Pledging allegiance. Not saying allegiance is bad but it is strange that American kids have to stand up and pledge it in a chant like were being conditioned in Brave New World


Coming in to work when you have a cold or flu when you should really be resting at home, all in the name of this unwritten dick-wagging contest to see who is the most selfless, dedicated employee to their company/job/boss. If you’re sick and coughing and spreading your disease around then stay the fuck home! I seriously hate that mentality.


Living for the weekend
I’m not saying that it isn’t without good reason for many. Tough jobs, demanding hours, stressful week days can make it pretty tempting to look at Monday - Friday as those shit days before the freedom of the weekend. At some point though you’re gonna realize you spent years trying to discard 5 out of every 7 days.


Working 40 hours a week until you’re 65 and then you get to enjoy your life.


Wage slavery


How harmful plastic water bottles and the toxins they contain are for the world.


Decorative pillows on beds. Take them off and toss to the floor when sleeping, pick them up and place back in bed upon waking, rinse and repeat.


Putting people in prison for drugs


Reliance on processed foods


Controversial, but meat.
It’s not healthy to eat it in the quantities we do, animals are crammed into sheds, fattened up and killed to be sold for next to nothing. It’s damaging to the eco system, animals and to our health.


Mass shootings, like the one that just happened in Vegas. Granted, “stupid” is probably not the word for it, but it boggles my mind that this has become so accepted as a normal part of life that it’s routine now. You could set your watch by the way this will play out over the next however many days:
People trip over themselves to send “thoughts and prayers” to the victims
Criticism - “How dare you politicize this!” and/or “How dare you bring up gun control! Let the victims mourn!”
Details emerge. If the shooter is white, he’s a “lone wolf” (or a liberal/Democrat/Hillary supporter). If the shooter doesn’t pass the paper bag test, he’s a terrorist
Absolutely nothing changes
An entire class of six year old kids were shot up several years ago at Sandy Hook, but instead of anything changing for the better, or even causing us any sort of introspection about what a tragedy like that means for our country, life just returned to normal. If we can accept kids being shot up in exchange for our precious gun rights, then we really are morally bankrupt.

Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.