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Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Is Socially Acceptable In the US That Would Be Horrifying In the UK?'

By Petr Knava | reddit | April 21, 2021 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | April 21, 2021 |


Every single time I visit the United States I end up befuddled. I’ve only been twice so far mind you, but both times there’s been something that’s left me completely bamboozled. Confused. Clueless. Struck dumb. There’s always something. Whether it’s giant boots, or puddle cones, or being asked whether I want my coffee ‘medium hot’ while intensely hungover in a Dunkin’ Donuts and this somehow leading to a five minute stand-off where neither side is capable of communicating anything at all and the result ends up being a hasty retreat and a miserable, limp croissant. It’s like oil and water, me and the States. Except I better not say either of those words too loud, or I’ll get invaded and occupied before you can say the words ‘advancing the cause of democracy abroad’. Either way, Reddit pondered the difference in cultures between the two Anglo-imperial wa**ers on the world stage the other day when it returned to that evergreen pot of material: ‘What is socially acceptable in the US that would be horrifying in the UK?’ (and vice versa, by implication, though it’s largely one-sided as per the title in this one). You can check out the full thread here, but below are some highlights:












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