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Reddit Asks The Question: 'What Can Men Get Away With That Women Can't?'

By Petr Knava | reddit | August 29, 2017 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | August 29, 2017 |

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, settle in, because this one’s a doozy. Reddit asks the question: ‘What Can Men Get Away With That Women Can’t?’

You can find the full thread here, and it’s well worth reading, but here are some highlights:


being calm, direct, and serious in nature. I try to be as professional as possible but many people think I’m a stuck up bitch because I don’t smile excessively and talk a lot.


Interrupting, especially in a business environment. When I try to talk, men will start a sentence like they were speaking into silence. Once, I interrupted a male coworker and the room would have been less hostile if I had murdered a toddler instead.


Enjoying certain things (sports, video games, music) without being questioned


Using without much anxiety.


So true. The first time I used couchsurfing, the man proposed I simply moved in with him and his son (4) within a couple of hours even though I stated I was just traveling. That very night he came to the room door shirtless asking what I was up to, I replied I would be heading out in 10 minutes with a friend. He then said “there’s a lot one can do in 10 minutes wink wink”

This was also the last time I used couchsurfing

Edit: Thank you everyone for the kind (and funny) words. No we did not end up together barf, those were my last 10 minutes there. I did leave a negative review and have never been back on the site frankly. Lastly this happened in L.A where I now leave and I was visiting from France. Much love


Please let me know if I’m wrong, but basically, as soon as I settled in to my career, my extended family have gotten in to wondering when I’m going to be popping out babies. Like they even legit skipped asking about where my husband is. They just want me to make babies.

Like… I’m single, new to this career, just trying to pay off my loans, and the notion that babies are not on the forefront of my mind baffles them. It seems like this notion that i’m just… expected to be a mother and the primary caretaker at some point might affect me negatively in the work force too.


Dating someone much younger than them.


Walking home alone at night. I can’t imagine being completely terrified every time I needed to take even just a short walk home.


Not participating as much in raising their kids. If my husband watches our son for 2 hours while I go out for dinner once a month, he’s the world’s greatest dad. The standard is so low it should be offensive to men.
We went out to eat once and my husband finished up while I tended to our son. He then offered to take our son to the car while I finished. Our waitress came back and actually said to me, “You’re so lucky to have a man watch your baby.” We both wear wedding bands and the kid’s ginger as they come - pretty obviously ours.
I’m also the one who gets shit heaped on me for anything people perceive to be “wrong” about our parenting. My husband is absolved.


Wearing the same clothes. Guys get to have 5 shirts and 2 pants and it’s clothes for a month.


Not worrying about an appearance.
Like if I’m lazy, I’ll roll out of bed in the gym shorts and t shirt I wore to sleep, grab my keys and wallet, and go right to my car to get shopping done. Most girls I know would be mortified to do that. There’s so much pressure to look pretty.


My older sister has a Masters in HR. She has 18 years experience in the field and also handles payroll for the company she works for. The guys at her job expected her to make coffee and handle all incoming calls. She told them, “I’m not a secretary nor am I a barista.” They proceeded to ostracize her. It continues to this day and she has no idea what to do.

Someone in another reply mentioned that its harder for women to be serious without someone thinking that they are being a bitch. I flat out wish I could walk into her office and just tazmanian devil their ass.

Then again I’m pretty stupid and my answer is always to go tazmanian devil on a situation.


Being an ass without being accused of being on their period.


Not knowing shit.
I feel like on average a man who has no idea what he’s talking about is given the benefit of the doubt and presumed to be more knowledgeable and providing more trustworthy information than a woman, even if the woman actually does know what she’s talking about.
It’s like women have a presumption of incompetence and men have a presumption of competence.


Men can get away with acting a lot more irresponsibly than women.
A man who has no idea how to take care of his own children (change a nappy, cook a proper dinner) is totally unsurprising. A man who’s house looks like student accomodation isn’t anything surprising. A man forgetting birthdays and wedding anniversaries and Christmas presents isn’t surprising. A man who takes on 0 of the household chores isn’t surprising.
A man can fit all of these statements and still not be perceived as a bad father or husband. It’s the norm.


Having no political experience when running for office.


Load up their plate at a BBQ. I never noticed this until someone pointed it out. A woman will only get a burger, 1 side, and maybe some chips. A guy will get 2 hotdogs, a burger, and some of whatever sides are available.


As a FTM person I can confirm no one gives a shit about your appearance when you’re male, but when you’re female you get people telling you to dress nicer or wear makeup to make you look more attractive.


Playing online video games and using voice chat without getting harassed. I play Rainbow Six Siege, I need to use voice chat with my team to make callouts as text chat is just too slow. The amount of times I’ve had men rabidly ask if I’m a girl, to keep talking, to hum (yeah that happened once, it was weird) is astounding. I’ve had people follow me around the map and make lewd comments and if I mute them (which I’m hesitant to do because again, callouts) then they start using text chat which you can’t mute. And of course, you can only report hackers, not abuse so I can’t do anything about them.
Oh and I always receive a friend request after.


Having extra hair on their body.


Going shirtless in public


simultaneously being bald and having a beard. My grandma is trying out this look, but I don’t suggest it


Peeing your name in the snow. It just seems like if a woman wanted to do that it would be unlegible.


You have to shuffle around like a crab. It’s not unpossable.


Peeing inconspicuously anywhere they want without either having piss drop down their thighs or popping a squat. Do you guys understand how lucky you are that you don’t need TP or wiping after a piss?


I actually do wipe, no matter how much i push, shake, and squeeze, as soon as i put little punk in the pants a few drips come out


Squeeze it
Shake it
Do a little dance
The last drop is always in your pants.


I found that if you masturbate after you pee, the pee all comes out. But then you have to pee again to flush all the cum out.
I’ve been standing at this toilet for 6 days.


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