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Five More reddit Fan Theories to Enhance Or Detract From Entertainment

By Jodi Smith | reddit | June 15, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | reddit | June 15, 2017 |

(You can see the first Fan Theory post here and the second one here.)

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Exists in the X-Men Cinematic Universe

So with the X-Men comics being a big plot point in Logan, what if movies about the X-Men also existed in this universe? What if XMO:W was just a bad cinematic attempt at explaining Wolvie’s backstory?

That would explain the silly, over-the-top tone of the movie, and why so many timeline details just don’t line up. And as Logan said, “Maybe a quarter of it happened, but not like this.” - thatpaulallen

2. The Vengabus Is Communist Propaganda

The song the vengabus / we like to party is a very interesting song, but some lyric and word choices are a bit odd, could it be that this song is about the spread of Communism? The venga bus has a great tune, using noises like horns, and at some points death screeches, to create a sick beat, but is it possible that this hypothetical bus traveling the world is actually communism, spreading across the globe.

When it says lines like “from New York to San Fransisco” it is speaking about Russia and China trying to kill capitalism and democracy, and “The wheels of steel are turning” is obviously a reference to the Soviet Russian steel mills

If this isn’t enough proof, just look to the video for the Venga bus, where you can see the VengaBoys actively driving around a developing nation spreading “joy” in the form of communism, and mocking the natives religion - TheDarthCake

3. Tigger Is Roo’s Father in Winnie the Pooh

This theory is mostly going off the movies available on Netflix. Because I have kids and apparently have issues. So let’s dive in.

In Piglet’s big movie we see a flashback of Kanga and Roo moving in to the hundred acre wood. The rest of the characters seemingly have never met them, but this can’t be so. The original song for Winnie the Pooh has Kanga and roo in it…. But it doesn’t have Tigger.

The part of the song I’m talking about goes “A donkey named Eeyore is his friend. And Kanga and Little Roo. There’s Rabbit and Piglet. And there’s Owl.But most of all Winnie the Pooh!”

There’s something off about the time line. We clearly see Tigger meet Winnie the Pooh for the first time in the original cartoon when Pooh is too scared to go to sleep.

My theory is the kanga and Tigger met somewhere outside of the hundred acre wood, had an interspecies affair that impregnated kanga. Her family ostracized her and her child, forcing them to move elsewhere. What Tigger was doing when he met Pooh was scouting for a suitable place to live. He also taught himself to bounce because he knew that roo would like to hop around, being a kangaroo. He’s actually a great father, loves to spend time with roo and anything that roo loves, he does too. A common nickname Tigger has for roo is “roo boy” but he slips up and calls him “roo MY boy.” that’s not a playful pet name, it’s a slip up. It’s the truth.

In Springtime with Roo most of the plot revolves around Tigger attempting to make roo happy for Easter. This clearly means a lot to him, as any good parent can sympathize with. In the dickens-esque future, rabbit is left alone in the hundred acre wood because he pushed all his friends away.

My theory for every person leaving (excluding secondary characters like owl and gopher because they aren’t in this movie) are as follows. Rabbit continued being mean to roo, causing kanga and Tigger to take him and leave. This leaves Pooh, eeyore and piglet. Eeyore eventually succumbs to the depression and kills himself. And Pooh leaves on his own because piglet is a piece of shit and no one likes him.

Thanks for reading. I need to make some friends and stop watching kid’s shows. - BossLove1829

4. The Reason John Hammond Objected to the “Lysine Contingency” Being Used in Jurassic Park

In the original Jurassic Park, after the systems have failed and the dinosaurs are loose, Muldoon suggests to Hammond that they put the ‘Lysine Contingency’ into effect - a fail-safe that essentially wipes out all dinosaurs on the island. As Ray Arnold explains: Dr. Wu inserted a gene that makes a single faulty enzyme in protein metabolism. The animals can’t manufacture the amino acid lysine. Unless they’re continually supplied with lysine by us, they’ll slip into a coma and die.

Hammond angrily opposes this idea (“That is absolutely out of the question!”) and instead insists they try to reboot the system, even though Ray states that it’s never been done. This seems to be the bad answer to a no-brainer; regain safety by using an infallible genetic level fail-safe, or attempt a dodgy reboot after finding out the system architect is a criminal and hacker… So why does Hammond make this decision?

It could be one of urgency. Ray tells Dr. Sattler it would take 7-days for the animals to slip into comas and Tim & Lex are still missing at this point (and People. Are. Dying!). This is unlikely though, as he asks Muldoon to go and save his grandchildren anyway. It could be one of naivety - something he amply demonstrates, going against suggestions and advice and being relatively clueless about his own park (even down to the fact he can’t read a schematic and Dr. Malcolm has to take over). It’s more likely, however, that people interpret this decision (as I did) as a philanthropic and humanitarian one - Hammond not wanting to extinguish his work and, perhaps more importantly, the lives of these creatures he’s helped bring back from extinction. He earlier tells Gennaro, “everyone in the world has the right to enjoy these animals”.

However, not for urgency, naivety or humanity, I think his reasoning for opposing the ‘golden-bullet’ method is simple… There is no ‘lysine contingency’ and there never was.

The biggest piece of evidence for this is the fact the dinosaurs survive (and thrive) after the abandonment of Jurassic Park - no longer “receiving lysine” from the people there. This is the clearest indicator that the whole thing was a sham, but it is meant to just be another example of Dr. Malcolm’s “life finds a way” speech - just as some dinosaurs managed to change sex in order to reproduce.

We know that Henry Wu, despite seeming ‘good’ in Jurassic Park, is actually a bit of a bad guy. In Jurassic World, he’s condemned for his “crimes against nature” and we find out that he secretly corroborated with InGen Military to create dinosaur soldiers (including the Indominus rex) and we see him escaping Jurassic World with embryos. Bear in mind, Ray says “Dr. Wu inserted a gene…” - we are meant to believe this corrupt scientist engineered this precaution, probably at considerable effort, cost and complexity.

As is recounted multiple times in the film, Hammond hates lawyers, even going as far to call Gennaro a “bloodsucking lawyer” to his face. Indeed, lawyers are the whole reason for him recruiting Grant & Sattler in the first place, begrudgingly needing expert opinions to continue to receive funding from his critical investors. He also seems to despise all aspects of the legal process and the exhaustive amount of safety conditions he’s had to satisfy. Consider his conversation with Gennaro in the jeep on their way to the park (taken from IMDB):
Gennaro: The full 50 miles of perimeter fence are in place? Hammond: [in a annoyed tone] And the concrete moats, and the motion sensor tracking systems. Donald, dear boy, relax. Try to enjoy yourself. Gennaro: Let’s get something straight, John. This is not a weekend excursion. This is a serious investigation of the stability of the island. Your investors, who I represent, are deeply concerned. Forty-eight hours from now, if they’re not convinced, I’m not convinced. I’ll shut you down, John.

A running line throughout the film is Hammond stating “no expense spared” - ironic because he is shown to have spared a lot of expenses, most notably under-paying Nedry and making him want to smuggle embryos to another company for money - the catalyst for the downfall of the whole park.

Between Hammond’s cost-cutting, his hatred of the legal process and Wu’s capability for malicious intent, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that the two of them were capable of falsifying this ‘contingency’ in order to satisfy the lawyers and investors behind Hammond’s park. Hammond couldn’t get away with not building fences and concrete moats, but he could get away with forging some invisible DNA-based fail-safe, to better satisfy the people analysing the park’s safety and be able to open quicker.

TL;DR: The ‘lysine contingency’ - a genetic-level safety precaution that enables dinosaurs to die if not fed a specific animo acid - never existed. John Hammond & Dr. Wu were jointly responsible for falsifying this measure in order to save money and satisfy the various lawyers and investors concerned with the park’s safety more quickly.

(This theory relates to the films only - the books reveal more detail about the lysine contingency) - mrlonelywolf.

5. The Joker’s Reason for Wanting Coleman Reese Dead in The Dark Knight

I’ve been all over Internet forums and no one has thrown this out there so if you comment saying this was obvious or you’ve thought of this before your a bullshit liar.

In the scene where joker is meeting the remaining mob bosses (he killed Gamble) he slides down the tower of money with Lau on top to greet the Russian. When he doesn’t see Maroni anywhere he quips “where’s the Italian?” And we know as the audience that Maroni gave up the whereabouts of this meeting to the police because the joker is getting unruly. After jokers scene in which he terrorizes the Russian taking over his territory and maybe feeding him to his own pooches he dials into the interview with Coleman and the reporter. He says live on the air that he doesn’t want batman’s identity spoiled and so if Coleman isn’t dead in an hour he blows up a hospital. This is because he knows Maroni talked to the cops and that Gordon and the rest are on the way. But after his call in all the cops are too concerned with Reese to track down the joker giving him the time he needed to extract Harvey Dent from Gotham general. This caused police resources to be spread thin all over Gotham evacuating all hospitals in the city and guarding Reese, was able to slip through the cracks and either planted the explosives then or they were already there since his plan was to get Harvey.

Joker probably would have just called the bomb threat in anyway to the police or sent another video to the news but how could he resist a lighted stage on live t.v. when Coleman Reese was about to reveal batman’s identity. He couldn’t have counted on someone working for Wayne industries discovering batmans identity and then broadcasting on a call in show he just took advantage of his amazing opportunity and perhaps had to escalate his plans to extract Harvey a little faster since the police were on the way to corner joker and the mobsters.

There are so many layers to Ledgers performance and the characters depth this really shows the characters genius intellect for anticipating how other people will behave. Other theories I’ve seen are that he just wanted to cause more chaos and prove that and man(Reese) will try to save himself under any circumstances or he was just spreading more chaos, it is all those things but goes much deeper. - thorKlien

Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

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