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Bernie Sanders' Reddit AMA is a Good Read Even If You Don't Like Bernie Sanders

By Petr Knava | reddit | June 20, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | reddit | June 20, 2019 |


Look, I know most of you here are some shade of either anti-Sanders, ‘almost-anyone-else-but-Sanders’, or ‘actually-yeah-literally-anyone-else-but-Sanders’—at least when it comes to the primaries, anyway. And that’s cool. I may disagree, but that’s fine. I’d say like 99% of you are in the ‘I will vote for literally any Democrat, as long as it gets rid of the (to use one of our lovely readers’ memorable phrasing; you’ll have to forgive me for not remembering whose, I am shiteawful with names) Fanta Menace’ camp, and that’s really what counts.

I think Elizabeth Warren is probably one of your most impressive high-level politicians, both in terms of ability and ideology. If she swept the board and got into the Oval Office that’d be the greatest result you’d had at the Executive level in living memory; and frankly it’s long, long overdue that that position is occupied by a woman. It’s just that she doesn’t go far enough for me. Then again, neither does Sanders. But I’m a filthy European-style socialist, and I like my politicians to be grassroots-focused, doggedly anti-capitalist and pro-environment, and fiercely anti-imperialist. In her managerial, ‘let’s make a friendlier version of capitalism and try to make the US Army pollute a bit less while it polices the world’ sorta paradigm, Warren just—like I say—doesn’t seem to go far enough in challenging the status quo that is extinguishing life on our planet as I’d like, or as far as Sanders does. There’s a decent piece on some of the differences I’m talking about here.

Now before you break open your granddad’s arsenal and bust out the flintlocks let me just say that’s not an attack! Like I say, as far as US politicians go, Warren is absolute dynamite. I’ve been saying so for years, and have been spreading the good word on this side of the pond too. I just prefer Sanders. You may have noticed I’m a huge fan of AOC. Huge. She’s got her blindspots too—everyone does—but I’m a massive fan. She’s one of the best things to happen to the US political landscape in decades. I think similarly of politicians like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Julia Salazar. I consider it a pretty good testament to Sanders’ legacy and work that a number of these incredible young politicians have either cited Bernie as being very influential in getting them into politics, have officially endorsed his campaign for President, or have worked closely with him on a number of legislative issues.

So while I think Warren would be a great choice, I’m personally still very much for the politician that hews closest to my political worldview, and in the primaries race, that’s Sanders. He says things that align with my political beliefs, and he has decades of track record to back his words up, as well as the establishment enemies to prove that even they know he means business.

But I mean, all of this is quite moot! I don’t get a vote, so who really cares? Anyway Sanders dropped by Reddit HQ the other day to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’. It’s a pretty good reminder of how issues that only a few years ago were seen to be completely beyond the pale in mainstream American politics are now being trumpeted and echoed by even centrist and right-leaning Democratic candidates for President, and of just how much of a hand Bernie Sanders had in that seismic shifting of the Overton Window. Even if you don’t like the guy, it’s still a compelling read. You can check out the full thing here, but below are some highlights:












Now let’s get that Elizabeth Warren AMA!

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